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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Suspension, A Novel by Richard E. Crabbe

This is a mystery novel based on the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge in New York. On May 31, 1883, thousands of people will be on the new bridge for it's opening. It's the perfect time for terrorists to demolish the bridge and make their statement. Seven desperate former Confederate soldiers, with revenge on their minds for their loss during the Civil War, have been planning to destroy the bridge for years. The chief engineer of the bridge was Washington Roebling and Washington Roebling was a Yankee Captain during the War and he came face to face with the leaders of the former Confederate soldiers during the Gettysburg battle of Little Roundtop. The brother of Captain Thaddeus Erasmus Sangree remembers that Roebling had directed the gunners and his brother, Franklin, had been hit by the shrapnel. Franklin knew he was dying but it was a gut wound and his death would be a long, horrible one so he begged Thaddeus to shoot him in the head and Thaddeus had had to do it. Thaddeus had never forgotten and he and his men want revenge.

Sergeant Detective Tom Braddock tries to solve the murder of Terrence Bucklin, a bridge mason. How does this lead Braddock to the plot of terrorism? Who killed Bucklin and why? And Tom Braddock has to weave himself through the corrupt politics in the police force of the time too. He nearly loses his own job and his own life.

This was a great book and I hardly put it down! I recommend it.

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