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Monday, August 11, 2008

Speaking In Tongues by Jeffery Deaver

This is not a Lincoln Rhyme novel.
Tate Collier is a divorced trial lawyer who became a gentleman farmer and lives in rural Virginia. His lifelong hero had been his Grandfather, a judge. He had great ambition to become the best and make his Grandfather proud of him. But, as a brilliant trial lawyer, he had learned how to use words lie weapons and had sent a mentally handicapped young man to prison for life and the young man was gruesomely killed in prison. He had also lost his wife and daughter in a divorce so he gave it all up and turned inward. His ex-wife and daughter suffered from his neglect while they were married and even now, as his daughter has grown into a 17 year old teenager named Megan.

Aaron Matthews, a brilliant (can I use that word twice in one book review?) psychologist, has turned his talents from healing to revenge. He is just as able to use his training and words to manipulate people into believing black is white as Tate Collier is. And he uses his talent to kidnap Megan Collier. Why? And can Tate and his ex-wife overcome the past to work together to rescue her? Will Megan be psychologicall damaged by this psychopath? Will she live to tell her parents what she really thinks of them? Can Tate Collier face what he's done?

This book is not as good as the Lincoln Rhyme novels but better than the Garden of Beasts novel. I did finish it and was pleased with the ending.

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