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Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Journals of Eleanor Druse by Eleanor Druse (Stephen King)

Having a little fun with his readers, Stephen King has created a fictional character who acts as both author and narrator named Eleanor Druse. Written as though it were her diary which was then turned over to Stephen King, Eleanor Druse tells about her life and her interest in the paranormal. She is called to the bedside of a childhood friend named Madeline Kruger. Madeline was brought in after attempted suicide and she was in the psych ward on 24 hour watch. In her ramblings she is calling out for Eleanor Druse although they haven't been close since they were children. Eleanor goes to the hospital to comfort her old friend but when she and the nurse come to the bed, somehow Madeline has killed herself with an ice pick (how she acquired the ice pick and did this under 24 hour watch is stretching the reader's imagination too far) anh her wounds are filled with black ants. Poor Eleanor Druse faints and hits her head on the hard marble floors of the room. Her head injury nearly proved fatal but she makes it back after her near death experience only to be told by her doctors that her spiritual experiences while dying were just from some type of seizure caused by the head injury. But she knows it's something more and intends to investigate. It seems that the old Kingdom Hospital (where Madeline killed herself and where Druse had her head injury) has quite a history. The original hospital was built on the same site as a textile mill that burned to the ground after the Civil War, which killed many children working in the basements. The Gottreich's had built the Gottreich Hospital at the site. But that hospital had also burned to the ground which ended in the death of Dr. Gottreich and a young male patient. The Kingdom Hospital was built over those ruins. Does any of this have anything to do with the mysterious death of Madeline Kruger, the near death experience of Eleanor Druse and the following events? Will Eleanor be able to remember what she has repressed in her own past about the hospital? Can she saves the others?

Personally, I thought the book was silly. It was an easy and fast read but it didn't hold water if you know what I mean. I have a good imagination but this was a little too hard to imagine.

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