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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Golden Buddha by Clive Cussler and Craig Dirgo

Another Clive Cussler book and it's the first novel of the Oregon Files. It seems that there is a very decrepit, old, derelict tramp cargo ship named the Oregon. But beneath the Oregon's rusty, shabby appearance is a state of the art, modern ship with a highly trained team of mercenaries. They take on jobs that nobody else can do and that are for the world's greater good. They call themselves The Company. Juan Cabrillo is the Chairman of the Corporation. His next in comman is Max Hanley, the President of the Corporation. Next is Richard Truitt, the Vice President of Operations.

The book starts with the invasion and occupation of Tibet by China and the exile of the Tibetan spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama who takes with him a fabulous golden Buddha. The Golden Buddha is a 6' tall solid gold Buddha statue created in 1288 and given to the Dalai Lama in 1372. It is studded with precious stones. After the Dalai Lama made it out of Tibet in 1959, the Golden Buddha was stolen as they went through the Phillippines and has been missing since. But now, it's come up for auction and The Company gets involved in getting the Golden Buddha back to it's rightful owner and getting the Dalai Lama and his Golden Buddha back in to a free Tibet.

From beginning to end, this book doesn't stop with their thrills and adventures. The only comment I would make is that it goes too fast. Everything is done in exact minutes and yet, the logistics make it pretty much impossible for someone to move that fast. I think Cussler and Dirgo should have slowed it down a little to make it more believable. But it was fast and rivetting. After I finished it, I read it aloud to my sister and her son at the beach and on the way back from the beach. They really enjoyed it too.

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