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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The Coffin Dancer by Jeffery Deaver

A Lincoln Rhyme novel by Jeffery Deaver. The Coffin Dancer is a famous hit man that Lincoln Rhyme has wanted for a long time. The Coffin Dancer is so named due to a tattoo of a woman dancing with death in front of a coffin (the dance with death). It seems that Phillip Hansen, a multimillionaire, who made his money from weapon sales, was involved in the murder of two army privates and the hijacking of a truckload of small arms. Hansen is a pilot and 3 people (a couple and their friend) see him one night putting duffle bags on his small plane and coming back without the duffle bags. The police think they can be key witnesses against Hansen but Hansen hires a hit man, the Coffin Dancer, to kill the witnesses. The husband, Edward Carney, is killed at the beginning of the novel by a bomb on his jet. The wife, Percey, and their friend, Brit, are taken into protective custody. Lincoln Rhyme and his associates are on the case and the twists and turns begin.

It's a good novel, except there is too much unnecessary language. And you will be surprised with the ending. Deaver pulls a last rabbit out of a hat on the last pages!

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