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Friday, July 04, 2008

Stan Smoking Meats for 4th of July

Stan decided to smoke some meats for our family 4th of July picnic. He invited all the family and our friends, Ken and Diane. Luke came home from Shaw AFB and his fiance, Hannah, came. Melinda and I spent the afternoon together and she stayed over for the fun. Ronnie, Kenny, Kenny's son, Evans came. We had a good time. We sent out for pizzas for supper.

Stan used Luke's grill. He adapted it with a side door in order to be able to put wood in it. Dad brought over some dried oak and some fresh Bradford pear. The dried oak kept the fire going and the green pear wood kept it smoking. Stan bought some chickens to make smoked Beer Can Chicken and some Boston Butts. He rubbed the chicken and Boston butts with a "butt rub". Our friend, Ken, brought some of his venison and some Alaska salmon. He put the same rub on them and added them to the grill.

We all sat around talking and laughing from 5:30pm until about 11:00pm. Then everyone dribbled home except for Stan and Luke. Stan and Luke stayed up until about 3:00am to finish smoking and then cleaning up.

We have the meat ready for today's Independence Day family picnic!

From left to right -> Ken, Diane, Melinda, Stan

Ken and Diane


Ken and Stan



From Left to Right ->Ken, Diane, Ronnie, Luke, Melinda, Stan, Kenny and Evans


So like Luke! A daredevil with his feet on the ground!




Ronnie and Kenny

Evans keeping in touch with his fiance, Chelsea.

Kenny with his eldest son, Evans

Ken had to buy some bottle rockets and Stan had to set them off! Two middle aged kids! Stan loves anything that explodes and has flame! LOL!

Luke's fiance, Hannah


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