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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The Narrows by Michael Connelly

This book features his most popular series character, retired L.A. homicide cop, Harry Bosch, but it's also a sequel to his first stand-alone, The Poet (1996). As a favor to the widow to investigate the death of Bosch's colleague and friend Terry McCaleb (of Blood Work and A Darkness More Than Night) Bosch takes on the case and begins looking into Terry's death. Terry had had a heart transplant and was on a lot of meds. He dies of a heart attack while on a long charter on his boat. Terry's wife is suspicious and has his meds checked and, sure enough, some of his meds had been exchanged for placebos. Terry had never given up his cold case interests and Bosch finds his boat loaded with boxes of criminal files. Was someone in those files after McCaleb because he was getting too close? Bosch finds McCaleb's file on The Poet and finds that McCaleb had followed the work of this serial killer and had some clues to what was coming next. Bosch finds help with FBI Agent Rachel Walling and they follow it down.

This was my second Connelly book and I was unable to put it down. A good read. I liked Harry Bosch as a character (although he would be hard to be friends with in a real life relationship, LOL). Connelly keeps him on track and always moving forward with little distraction from the case. Only a few rabbit trails into his relationship with his daughter and ex-wife but that was OK. He writes this book swinging from first person narrative to third person narrative but it worked. I never missed a beat. There was no interruption in my thought process as I read along. And he did keep me reading along!

I hope you will read it.

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