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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Myrtle Beach, SC

Last night, the weather cleared up with bright sunshine and low humidity! We enjoyed that until dark and then Melinda made us a blueberry and peach cobbler while we watched "Family Guy". I'm ashamed to admit that I'm hooked on this nasty cartoon but it's true. Stewie slays me! The cobbler with some vanilla ice cream was delish!

This morning we awoke to a gorgeous day and one we rarely see in July here in SC! It was bright sunshine, low humidity, good temps and a cooling breeze. I can't remember the last time I got to enjoy such weather in July.

I made us some breakfast and cleaned up. At 9:00am I decided to try to wash our clothes at the laundry mat. It seems that middle of the week and temperate weather led everyone in the campground to think the same thing so I was in line for washers and dryers. I got back to the camper about 11:00am. My back was killing me from lifting the clothes. I shouldn't have done it but Melinda is in the same shape I'm in and Lee had a car wreck last week and his back has been hurting him too. At least Melinda loaded them in the car for me and Lee unloaded them when I got back.

Lee and Melinda left to go get some lunch and pick up a few more groceries. I put on my bathing suit and sat outside in the shade in my zero gravity lounger and read and took a nap. They got back about 1:30pm and Melinda joined me sitting outside and enjoying the weather. We talked and read and napped until 4:00pm. Then I took my shower and she started making us some homemade pizzas.

While she worked on supper I read some more outloud to them. After a delicious homemade sausage, onion and mushroom pizza I came to the coffee house for some computer time.

Persephone is doing great. She is such an easy dog to take anywhere! All my Iggies are easy to travel. She has gotten a lot of attention as usual. She is the only Italian Greyhound that I've seen. But I've seen a ton of dogs here! Instead of being a bird watcher, I'm a dog watcher and I love seeing dogs and learning what breed they are and, if possible, petting them. I saw a very unusual mastiff mix. I wish I could tell you what breed the dog was but the owner spoke French and I couldn't understand what he was saying. It was a beautiful dog. I've also see a beautiful pair of Standard Poodles...a gray and an apricot. Then there is a German Spitz across the lane from us. That's not counting all the usual dogs so it's been fun!

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