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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Myrtle Beach, SC

We are back at Myrtle Beach, SC this week. My sister and her son have been house and dog sittting for us and I'm so thankful for sisters who can and will do this for us. We did bring Persephone with us and she's doing so well and getting really spoiled. Stan's mother and sister came with us to stay the first half of the week and my parents are coming for the last half of the week. We've had a good time together and Kathi seems to really be fond of Persephone. We went out to a Mexican restaurant the first night they were here with us since they can't eat seafood. Last night I made a salad and Stan grilled us some shrimp and chicken kabobs and baked us some potatoes.

Stan's brother, Kenny and his family are down here this week too. They rented a house in Garden City. Monday, Kenny, Stan and Evans went fishing on Stan's little boat in the inland waterway. Kenny caught some kind of big fish. This morning Stan, Evans and Evans fiance, Chelsea, went fishing and they had caught some fish but too small to keep.

Peggy and Kathi have been on the beach a lot and I've been trying to stay cool in the trailer. Yesterday afternoon when it got too hot, they came in and we got dressed and went shopping. Stan stayed on the beach about all day.

Mom & Dad have already left to come down and I'm watching for them.

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