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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hot Days

The last couple of days have been brutally hot here. We usually don't have these kind of days until July and August. It's about 10 degrees above normal and we desperately need some rain. It's so dry. I don't water my grass but I do water my bushes and trees. Grass can be easily replaced but my bushes and trees can't, so they get water every 2-3 days. We have pulled a lot of bushes over the two years we've been here. I hate hollies (the previous owner must have loved them!) and we had a lot of loss due to last year's drought. So we got rid of bunches of bushes. But I still have a lot of bushes around the house that I love, especially my old boxwoods. And we need the trees. They were strategically planted to provide summer shade on the house (thanks to the previous owner) and our heating expense would be more if it weren't for them. They lost 2 trees in the backyard just before we bought the house and you can really tell it. We have no shade on our patio and through our atrium doors and living room picture window. This really heats up that side of the house during the hottest part of the day. We have re-planted but it's going to take some years. Anyway, now you can see why we water our trees and bushes.

A tip for all of you who own houses...carefully place your trees when you plant. Don't just plant a tree where you think you want it. Take into consideration how it will shade your house during winter and summer. You want trees that will shade your home in the summer but will lose their leaves and give you sunshine in the winter. This will greatly help your heating and cooling bills. Don't plant trees too close to each other, or too close to power poles and lines, or underground wiring or water pipes (roots) or too close to the house (limbs can fall on roofs and leaves and nuts can clog gutters), or too close to a fence, etc. Watch where the sun is around the year because the sun comes up and goes down at different angles depending on the season. Look for trees that do good in your area. If you have problems with humid heat, or dry heat; droughts, or floods; fungus, or pests (like pine beetles)...then plant accordingly. You waste your money, time and energy planting trees if you don't do it right. You want to think in the long run and don't just pick a tree because you once saw one that you liked. It may or may not work in your situation. Then take good care of the tree. Fertilize and water it until it takes good root. Keep it trimmed and straight so you won't have branches breaking off with ice or snow or wind. You want a strong tree with a good, deep root system to keep it from toppling.

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