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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Amenuensis Monday of Daniel and Lydia Prince

Edward Prince married Rebecca Elizabeth Ivey and they had
a son, Daniel Prince who married Lydia Elizabeth Maverick Earle and they had
a son, Joseph Prince who married Milly Barnett and they had
a son, James Gist Prince, Sr. who married Nancy Angelina Johnson and they had
a son, Clarence Rhett Prince who married Alice Ella Briggs and they had
a son, Franklin Drayton Prince who married Mary "Mollie" Cynthia Bain and they had
a son, Julian Rhett Prince who married Clara Marie Wilder and they had
a daughter, Peggy who is Stan's mother

Daniel Prince was born in 1708 in Frederick County, VA or in 1718 in Surry County, VA to Edward Prince and Rebecca Elizabeth Ivey. He married Lydia Elizabeth Maverick Earle.

Lydia Elizabeth Maverick Earle was born about 1720-1723 in ?.  I haven’t found much information on her.

In 1740, Daniel Prince (DOB 1708), he was living in Albemarle Parish, VA. On 6 Jul 1740 he was made godfather to his nephew, son of Joseph (DOB abt 1718) and Mary Prince, as recorded in the Albemarle Parish Register.

In 1754, Daniel Prince (DOB 1708) was found in Granville County, NC where he received land grants for Union District, SC. He moved to Union District about 1755.

On 25 Aug 1754, while in Granville County, NC, he received a 100 acres on the south side of Reedy Creek, Union District, SC.

On 24 Feb 1757, Daniel Prince (DOB 1708) sold 100 acres in Granville County, NC to James Prince (DOB 1711-1719).

Between 16 Jun 1767–7 Mar 1769, Daniel Prince (DOB 1708) received an additional 150 acres in the fork between Broad and Saluda Rivers and situated on south side of Tyger River, Union District, SC.

South Carolina

Pursuant to a Warrant Directed under the hand and seal of John Troup Esqr (sic, esquire) Depy (sic, deputy) Survr (sic surveyor) Genl (sic general) dated the 5th day of May 1767 I have administered and laid out unto Daniel Prince a Plantation or tract of vacant Land in Barkley (sic, Berkley) County Containing one hundred and fifty acres in the fork between Broad and Saludy rivers and Situate on the South side of Tyger river and bounded Northeasteardly (sic, northeasterly) on said river the other sides (sic) on vacant Land and hath such shape form and marks as the above plat refers unto.

Certifide (sic, certified) under my hand this 16th day of June 1767  Enoch Pearsmith

And Co (sic, ?) 7th March 1769

I found this grant for an additional 83 acres in Union District, SC.
This Indenture made the Thirtee****** (cut off)
the year of our lord one thousand seven hundred ******** (cut off)
nty two, and in the Fifteenth year of American Indepe****** (cut off)
tioner Daniel Prince of Union County and State of ******** (cut off)
th Carolina of the one part and Richard Hays of ********** (cut off)
to and County aforesaid of the other part. Witness ****** (cut off)
was in and by a certain grant bearing state the E*********(cut off)
August Anno Dommini (sic, domini) 1774 and fourteenth year of ****** (cut off)
nty's Reighn (sic, reign), under the hand of the Honb (sic, honorable) William *** (cut off)
son Liut (sic, lieutenant ?) Governor for the time being, having the ***** (cut off)
grant seal of the then province therunto (sic, thereunto) affixed did give an***** (cut off)
Grant unto the said Daniel Prince a tract of land containin******* (cut off)
**fty Three acres situate in Berkly (sic, Berkley) County not Union ***** (cut off)
Being N.Eward (sic north eastwards) by Tyger river. Exactly said river and pa**** (cut off)
ant land N.W. by land laid out to richard Holcome (sic, Richard Holcombe) and ***** (cut off)
vacant Land and hath such shape and marks as a
***********************************(cut off)**********************************

Daniel Prince Amem'l (sic, ?) exhibited by Daniel Prince to be requested in the deed Office
......................Of a plantation or Tract of 83 acres of land in the Berkly (sic, Berkley) County on the fork
………………of Broad and Saludy (sic, Saluda) rivers on the S.W. side of Tyger River, Bounding N.E.'d
……………….by Said river, S.Es'd partly by Said river and part vacant land, N. Ward by land laid
………………out to Richard Holcom (sic, Holcombe), S. Ward by vacant land also 117
………………Of another Tract of 117 acres of land, situate as above on the So Side of Tyger Gr Rt 31Stg
……………...River bounded N.Eward by Said river, NoWestward by land laid out to Said Daniel Or for Proc
……………….Prince, Sowestward by land laid out to John Barnet and SoEward by land
.……………laid out to Richard Holcom (sic, Holcombe), both Survey certified the 25th of March 1773
………….…and both Granted the 11 of August 1774 to the **** *** of Rt 31 Stg or 4/Proc per hundred Acres to
…………….Commence Two years from the date. In Witness
………………whereof he hath hereunto set his hand the 20th Jany 1775.
Certified by R.L…… E. Pearson D.S. (Deputy Survey)..............Ettd (sic) Feb7, 1775 to Enoch Person

On January 20, 1785 he received an additional 117 acres in “Berkley County, SC”. In 1682, after the first hard years of settlement, the Proprietors ordered three counties laid out. Berkeley County, centering around Charleston, extended from the Stono River on the south to Seewee Creek (present-day Awendaw Creek) where it emptied into Bulls Bay on the north. Craven County lay north of Berkeley, and below Berkeley, Colleton extended to the Combahee River. Later, a fourth county, Granville, was laid out between the Combahee and the Savannah rivers. Eventually the area where this 117 acres was located was in Union District which became Union County, SC.

South Carolina

Pursuant to a Warrant directed under the hand and seal of John Bremar Esqr (sic, Esquire) Dy (sic, Deputy) Surveyor Genl (sic, General) dated the 2 day of March 1773 I have admeasured and laid out unto Daniel Prince a plantation or tract of Land containing one hundred and seventeen acres in Barkley (sic, Berkley) County in the fork between Broad river and Saludy on the South Side of Tyger river and bounded Northeastardly (sic) by sd (sic, said) river and Northwestwardly by Land Laid out to Sd (sic, said) Daniel Prince and Sothwesteardly (sic, south westerly) by Land Laid out to John Barnet and Southeasteardly (sic, south easterly) by Land Laid Out to Richard Holcom (sic, Holcombe) and hath such shape form and marks as is represented by the above Plat Certifide (sic, certified) Under My hand this 25th day of March 1773 Enoch Pearson D.S.

In March 31, 1776 he acquired 11 more acres in Union District, SC.

Mar. 31, 1786 Daniel Prince 11 ac in 96 Dist on S side of Tygar R; plat shows land on Tyger R and joins land laid out for unknown land, Joseph Nix, & land laid out for Daniel Prince; survey in shape of triangle. (signed) Abel Pearson

Daniel Prince (DOB 1708) served in the Granville County, NC Militia, Regiment of Major William Eaton, Capt Daniel HARRIS's Co. The muster rolls of 1754 [found in Vol. 22 of the North Carolina State Records] is generally considered to be the first true accounting of all able-bodied men in Granville County. Those men in this regiment are believed to range in ages from young (teens) to much older.

Daniel Prince (DOB 1708) was in the 1790 United States Federal Census.
1790 U.S. Census of Union, South Carolina; Roll: M637_11; Page: 46; Image: 46; Family History Library Film: 0568151, 5th column, Line 33, "Daniel Prince"
Name: Daniel Prince [also indexed as Daniel Prian]
County: Union
State: South Carolina
Number of Free White Males 16 and Over: 3
Number of Free White Females: 3
Number of Household Members: 6

In 1791, Daniel Prince (DOB 1708) made his will.
State of South Carolina
Union County
1 April 1793
Intermediate Court
The last will and Testament of Daniel Prince,Dec’d proved in Open Court & Ordered to be Recorded.
In the name of God, Amen, I, Daniel Prince,of Union County and State of South Carolina, Planter,  Being in good health and of a sound and perfect mind and memory calling to mind the mortality of my body and that it is appointed for all men once to die, Do make and ordain this my last will and Testament that is to say principally and first of all I give and Recommend my soul into the hands of God that gave it and for my Body I give and Recommend it to the Earth to be buried in a Christian like manner at the Discretion of my Executors not doubting but at the general at the Resurrection I shall receive the same by the mighty power of God. And concerning such worldly goods wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me with in this life, I give devise and dispose of in the following manner and Form….

Imprimis.  I give and bequeath to my beloved wife, Lydia Prince, one third part of all my Lands the place where I now live with one third part of all my personal property that is after my Funeral and all other just debts and expenses are paid and that she shall hold them and pay the same and during her natural Life.

Item. And I give and Bequeath unto my two sons, William Prince and Joseph Prince, all my Lands and premises to be Equally and Fairly Divided between them to have forever. Provided and on Condition that they in doing Justice to my other sons, Do pay in good Trade the term of Forty pounds that is Twenty pounds apiece to be Equally Divided that is to say Ten pounds Sterling to John Prince the Eldest Brother and Ten pounds Sterling to my son Richard Prince and Ten pounds Sterling to my son Edward Prince and Ten pounds Sterling to my son Isom Prince.

Item. My will is Further that all my Remainder of my Estate and all Debts due to me be collected and brought together and the same be fairly appraised and Valued by three Just Men Indifferent Freeholders to be chosen by them the Legatees in this my will and Testament and that the recv’d Amount so Valued shall be Equally Divided between my children (viz) and Equal part to John Prince and likewise to Richard Prince and to Isom Prince and to William Prince and Joseph Prince, Elizabeth Prince and Sarah Prince and Celia Prince in Equal portions.

Item. My will is that if either of my children should die not having any Issue or children their part & Legacy Shall be Equally divided between their Surviving Brothers and Sisters Legatees in this world.

Item.   I do hereby Constitute and appoint my Trusty & well beloved Friends Solomon Wilson and John Addington the Executors of this my last will  and Testament and I do hereby utterly Disavow, Revoke and Disallow all other former Testaments, wills, Legacies and Executors by me in any wise willed named or Bequeathed, Ratifying and Confirming this and no other to be my last will and Testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this twenty fifth day of July in the year of Our Lord One Thousand Seven hundred and Ninety One.

Signed,Sealed, Published, pronounced and Declared by the Said Daniel Prince as his last will and Testament in the presence as the Subscribers
Moses Collyer……………………………………………………………………..His
William Morgan………………………………………………………Daniel    X    Prince
Darcas  X Collyer

Solomon Wilson and John Addington Executors appeard by the Deceased in the aforesaid Will came into Open Court and were qualified agreeable ____face

Recorded in Will Book A, Page 11, Box 1, Package 33, Union County, SC, Probate Court, Probated 4/1/1795

Daniel Prince (DOB 1708) died 3/14/1793 in Union District, SC.
Daniel Prince (DOB 1708) and Lydia Elizabeth Maverick Earle had 9 children:

1.      Elizabeth “Betty” Prince (DOB: abt 1746 in ?; DOD: abt 1827 in ?) married ?.

2.      Richard Prince (DOB: abt 1746 in Prince William County, VA; DOD: 10/4/1811 in Spartanburg County, SC) married Edith Unknown (DOB: 1750-1752 in Prince William County, VA; DOD: abt 1811 in Spartanburg County, SC). They had Josiah Prince (DOB 1772-1774), William Prince (DOB 11/22/1788), John Prince (DOB 1785), Martha Ann Prince (DOB 1773). In 1784 he acquired 440 acres on both sides of FairForest Creek. In 1805 he was dismissed from Padgett’s Creek Baptist Church in Cross Keys, Union County, SC then joined Friendship Baptist Church 830 Friendship Church Rd (State Road S-42-112), Pauline, Spartanburg County, SC.

3.      Sarah Prince (DOB: abt 1748 in ?; DOD: abt 1826 in Union County, SC) married ?.

4.      John Prince (DOB abt 1750 in ?; DOD: abt 1809 in Union County, SC) married Elizabeth Unknown (DOB abt 1750 in ?; DOD: ?). They had Edward Prince (DOB 1770), Solomon Prince (DOB 1772), Daniel Prince (DOB 1775-1790), James Prince (DOB 1780), Elizabeth Prince (DOB 1782), Mary Prince (DOB 1785), Charlotte Prince (DOB 1790), John Prince (DOB 1794-1804), Jesse Prince (DOB 1803). He got a land grant for 640 acres in South Carolina.

5.      Edward Prince (DOB: 1751 in ?; DOD: abt 1835 in Tennessee) married Elizabeth Unknown (DOB: ?; DOD: abt 1832 in Tennessee). They had Joshua Prince (DOB abt 1774), Isaac Prince (DOB 1775-1794), Edward Prince (DOB abt 1775), Rachel Prince (DOB abt 1780), Jacob Prince (DOB abt 1785), John Hocking Prince (DOB abt 1790), Elijah Prince (DOB abt 1793), Hosea Prince (DOB abt 1799), and Landy M. Prince (DOB 1820). He served America during the American Revolution. In 1791 he acquired 192 acres on Melton Creek in Union County, SC.

6.      Celia Prince (DOB: abt 1752 in ?; DOD: ?) married ?.

7.      Isham Prince (DOB: abt 1761 in ?; DOD: ?) married ?. In 1785, he acquired 121 acres on a branch of Spark’s Creek and 300 acres on the south side of  the Tyger River on Spark’s Creek. In 1790, he acquired 157 acres on the Tyger River in Union County, SC.

8.      Joseph Prince (DOB: abt 1780 in Union District, SC; DOD: 4/11/1842 in Union County, SC) married Milly Barnett (DOB: abt 1784 in Union District, SC; DOD: 6/1864 in Union County, SC). See Chapter Five.

9.      William Prince (DOB abt 1740 in ?; DOD: 2/22/1801 in ?) married Elizabeth Massenberg (DOB ?; DOD ?). They had Joseph Prince (DOB 5/18/1764), William Prince (DOB 1766), and Francis Prince (DOB 1771).  Is this William Prince son of Edward and Rebecca Ivey Prince or the son of Daniel and Lydia Prince? I’ve seen it both ways and have sources that have it both ways. His DOB is too old for Edward and Rebecca.

If you have any comments, corrections or additonal information, please email me at Mom25dogs@gmail.com.

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