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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Tuffy and Tiny Tad

This is one of Elaine's rescued Pomeranians. He's so cute! But he has problems. He won't walk on their wood floors. He has no problem walking on their deck, grass, carpet but won't walk on the slick wood floors. So she has to leave towels out as a walkway for him. He lost all his teeth because of having no dental attention so his tongue hangs out. He was rescued from a local puppy mill. He is well loved since he came home to Elaine.

Mom is holding another one of Elaine's rescued Pomeranians. This is Tiny Tad. His owner was a puppy mill breeder and had literally thrown him out on the side of the road in front of their house. A passerby stopped and brought the dog back to the breeder thinking maybe they had just gotten lost. The breeder said they didn't want the dog any more and had put it out. So the passerby brought the dog to a humane society and Elaine rescued him. He is very tiny (breeders like very tiny dogs because the market demands the tinier the better). He has lost all his teeth due to tooth rot. He had recieved no dental attention. Now his tongue hangs out all the time. He lost a lot of his fur and it won't grow back so he has to wear a shirt all the time to keep him warm and prevent sun burn. He has night terrors and wakes up screaming every time he goes to sleep. Elaine has to give him melatonin to keep him calm enough to sleep. He whirls constantly and we aren't sure why. But he has the biggest personality of all of her dogs. Being the smallest one, you would think he would get lost in the crowd but he makes himself known and makes sure you know what he wants from you. He is now a very spoiled, loved baby doll!

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