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Monday, May 19, 2008

Running To The Mercy Seat Sung By Vicki Yohe

Exodus 25:17-22 And you shall make a mercyseat of pure gold, its length two and a half cubits, and its width a cubit and a half. And you shall make two cherubs of gold; you shall make them of beaten work from the two ends of the mercyseat. And make one cherub from the end here, and one cherub from the end there. You shall make the cherubs from the mercyseat, on its two ends. And the cherubs shall be spreading out wings above, covering the mercyseat with their wings, and their faces each toward its brother; the faces of the cherubs shall be toward the mercyseat. And you shall put the mercyseat on the ark from above. And you shall put the testimony into the ark, which I shall give to you. And I will meet you there, and will speak with you, above the mercyseat, from between the two cherubs which are on the ark of testimony, all which I shall command you concerning the sons of Israel.

The mercy-seat was the covering of the ark or chest, made of solid gold, exactly to fit the dimensions of the ark. This propitiatory covering, was a type of Christ, the great propitiation, whose satisfaction fully answers the demands of the law, covers our transgressions, and comes between us and the curse we deserve. We are guilty of sin under the Law of God but Jesus paid the penalty so that we may approach the very throne. We are covered by His sacrifice, the penalty is paid, we have been redeemed (Jesus paid the price to buy us back from the penalty of the death sentence which we deserved), our relationship with God is healed because of Jesus. It is supposed that these cherubim were designed to represent the holy angels, who always attended the Presence of God. His Shekinah Glory hovered over the Ark as a visible representation of His Presence. The cherubim are facing one another but bowed looking down. This represents their submission to Yahweh and their readiness to do His Will. God sits between the cherubim to meet with us there. We could never go near God if it weren't for Jesus Christ! Since I have accepted Jesus as my Savior, I can run to the mercyseat of God and throw myself down before Him and worship!

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