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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Our Memorial Day Family Cookout

We had our immediate family over for a cookout on Memorial Day weekend. Even though it was just our immediate family, we have large families so we still ended up with about 35 people and that wasn't everyone. I wish we could have extended it to other members but that would have extended it to over 50 people. We are so blessed to have such a large family and that most of them live in our home town! We missed a couple of nephews who are away in college and a niece who had other plans.

Our house

We had the cookout to celebrate our nephew, Luke's finishing of his Air Force training. He is back home on leave for 2 weeks and then starts his job at Shaw AFB. Here is Luke with his girlfriend, Hannah.

Me holding Spunky Monkey

Mom holding Tiny Tad

Mom, Dad and Elaine

Our nephew, Melinda's son, Lee

Elaine holding Tuffy

Our niece, Jenny, and her husband Kyle were celebrating their first anniversary this week but they still drove from Charleston to see Luke and visit with the family!

Jenny takes a ride with Kathi. Kathi is Stan's sister and her husband bought her this pretty little sports car for her birthday last month.

The entertainment for the evening was Stan's "Haircut"! Kathi brought her hair clippers and everyone got into it. Stan was the guinea pig and he was a good sport. We got so many laughs from this!

Notice in this first photo at everyone looking carefully!

Now Kenny's sons, Aaron and Evans, get into the picture. They are not about to let Uncle Stan go with a bad haircut. So they consult and argue back and forth!

Evans has a go...

Now Aaron grabs the clippers and Evans resorts to scissors...

This is an "Uh Oh" moment...

Now Luke decides he can make it look better!

It turned out to be a good haircut after all!

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