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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Odd Hours by Dean Koontz

Odd Thomas is Dean Koontz' best character. His "Odd" series have all been great reads. This latest one has Odd in a small Pacific coast town of Magic Beach working for an elderly gentleman. He feels drawn to the pier to meet the Lady Of The Bell, Annamaria. She is a petite 18 year old pregnant girl wearing a silver bell around her neck. As they meet for the first time, they catch the attention of 3 men who don't have their best interests at heart. Odd steps between them and Annamaria leaves as he tries to talk his way out of a mess. From there he has a vision of something terrible happening and he must find out what it is and stop it.

Odd spends a frightening night trying to follow the psychic clues he is given. I wouldn't normally like a book like this because I don't believe in ghosts (except as demons appearing as ghosts to confuse people) and I don't believe people can have psychic abilities without it being from the devil. But this is a fiction novel. So I enjoy the fictional story that Koontz gives us. I like Odd Thomas as a character and his friends. They are "odd" but lovable.

Annamaria joins up with him and she was the confusing character. We never find out what the deal is with her. She just answers all his questions with riddles right on to the end. I suppose this means that Koontz hasn't finished with Odd Thomas yet.

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