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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Elaine's Newest Rescue

Warning, these photos aren't pretty!

Elaine got a call about a pitiful Pomeranian who was brought into the Greenville, SC Animal Shelter. She and I drove over there this morning and found a shockingly neglected black male Pomeranian. A couple brought him to be "put to sleep" and left him. He was so covered with fleas that his fur has fallen out on his back and he has terrible sores. The animal shelter gave him a flea/tick treatment so that is, blessedly, one thing Elaine didn't have to contend with. He is an intact male which means he has not been neutered and one testicle is still in his abdomen, it never dropped. His claws, or nails, were longer than any dog we've ever seen! His eyes have green, gummy puss matting them. He has such bad tartar that it's a solid mass in his mouth. This was the worst tartar Elaine's ever seen. He is thin except for his bloated stomach which means he is infested with worms. His legs are so weak that he can't walk very well and tends to topple over. He is either crippled or his muscles are atrophied from being cooped up in cage or crate. His fur is sunburned and matted (where he has fur) which means he was outside in the sun.

Honestly, I would have told them it would have been more humane to put him to sleep but Elaine thinks she can bring him back. She has such hopes for little ones like this and I'm proud of her and Melinda and how they've been able to bring lost cause dogs back to life and found them homes or made their last days loving and wonderful. The woman at the animal shelter deserves a pat on the back too because she called Elaine instead of just putting this little guy down. I hope to have "After" pictures soon.

9/15/2008 Update! Elaine did a monumental work on this poor Pom. She got his teeth taken care of, got him washed and groomed. She got all his medical needs taken care of and his legs began to strengthen so that finally he could stay out of his kennel all day and get around. He was slow but he went where he wanted to go. He did have a little bit of aggression when new people would try to pick him up so I (and other family members) worked on that by visiting every other day and making it a point to pick him up and set him beside me on the couch and just slowly, calmly pet him for an hour. Eventually he wasn't afraid for someone to approach him or pick him up. Elaine found him a wonderful home and they are very happy with him. It was a perfect match. And I would have let them put this baby down because he was in such bad shape. Thank God I didn't make the decision!

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