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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Black Cloud by Eliot Kleinberg

I came across this book at one of those discount book stores in Myrtle Beach at the Tanger Outlet. I like to read about "disasters" and this one was very interesting. It's about a Hurricane that hit Florida in 1928. On September 16, 1928, this hurricane struck Florida. Although it was one of the deadliest hurricanes in history, taking the lives of 7,000 people as it swept from the Caribbean to Canada, it has been largely forgotten. Although he follows the hurricane through the Caribbean, he focuses on Florida. Many of the victims were poor black laborers who lived in communities near the huge inland Lake Okeechobee, where a flimsy dike broke and the water was pushed "across the land in a moving engine of death." For Florida's blacks, the tragedy was compounded by the fact that while white dead were usually given decent burial, nearly 700 African-American dead were unceremoniously dumped into a 1.5-acre mass grave in West Palm Beach. A lot of people (white and black) were gathered and cremated in fires for expediency and so many victims may not have been counted. I found this book very interesting and enjoyed the read.

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