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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What Is Wrong With This Kitchen?

What's Wrong With This Kitchen?

I found these photos of beautiful kitchens online but I have my own opinion about what is wrong with these kitchens.

Note: Any time you cook on a stove, you create steam, greasy smoke. Despite having a good stove vent, there will still be greasy smoke around the stove.

This beautiful kitchen looks great doesn't it? Look carefully. Do you see a refrigerator? I don't which means it must be a long way from the stove and sink. And there are an awful lot of accent lights. I count 8 canned lights just in this photo and over and under counter flourescents. So when you are working in this kitchen you are using a LOT of electricity just to accent this kitchen, as well as give working light. That's not very green.

What can I possibly see wrong about the beautiful kitchen below? In my opinion, the stone tile on the floor and backsplash will be hard to keep clean in a kitchen. I personally would only use a high gloss tile backsplash in order to be easily cleaned. I like something I can spray with cleaner and use a sponge to wipe off. Then use rinsed sponge to wipe again. This is convenient, quick, efficient. A porous tile will only look grimy and not be easy to clean. And a stone floor is especially vulnerable to having grime and grease mashed into the grooves and crevices and not easy to mop. That is why maids had to get on their hands and knees and scrub stone floors in castles! This kitchen also has a lot of electrical lights despite having plenty of natural light. Notice that there are canned, pendant, under counter and in cabinet lights.

This beautiful, light filled kitchen can't have any down sides can it? In my opinion there are a couple. Notice where the overhead cabinets are and where the plates are stored in plate racks. Being beside the sink, I would think that those few upper cabinets house the dishes and glasses. But notice where the dishwasher is? It's one of those glamorous hidden dw's. It's to the left of the sink. Imagine yourself at the sink unloading the dishwasher. Now, you're getting it! You have to try to reach those upper cabinets to put the dishes in from the dw. You can't do it because you can't reach the cabinets. You have to close the dw in order to access the dish cabinet! I also wouldn't have wooden countertops, especially right next to the stove. Grease will tend to make it grimey. The wood floor is lovely except it doesn't have a high gloss polyurethane seal. Again, you will be smushing grease and dirt into that floor. I had a high gloss polyurethane floor in a kitchen one time and eventually the wear areas began to show grime that you couldn't get up. The only way to keep a wood floor looking nice in a kitchen is to refinish it every 5 years or so. That's a pain so I won't have a wood floor in my kitchen again.

Surely there is nothing wrong with this lovely kitchen. Just the right amount of lights, upper cabinets, good granite tops, high gloss wood floors, plenty of natural light, the appliances are well placed...what could be wrong? This kitchen is obviously open to a living area so, in my opinion, I would have had a higher bar on the island. This would have hidden the sink and stove from the living area and hidden some of the mess when cooking. Otherwise, I really like this kitchen.

This is such a very ornate kitchen surely there is nothing wrong here. In my opinion, this is beautiful as long as you don't actually use the stove. Try cleaning all the scrollwork, accents, molding, ironwork! Especially around a stove that will have greasy smoke. The backsplash also looks like another porous or stone tile and is not smart to have behind a stove.

Gosh, this kitchen is so beautiful and formal. But, in my opinion, this kitchen has some problems. Notice the distance between the sink/stove/fridge. I'd say it's at least 8-9 steps from fridge to sink. That is a lot of walking. For some reason the stove is the only cabinet area that is WHITE! Of all the places, I would not have chosen that area to be white. Again, a cleaning problem. So is keeping those soaring buttresses clean, and that fancy chandelier. Try climbing a ladder and cleaning all that during your Spring Clean. Of course, if you have a house this nice, you probably have a housecleaner but then you have to worry about the liability of having the housecleaner on a ladder trying to dust that chandelier and fancy WHITE arches. The floor and backsplashes appear to be stone or porous tile.

This beautiful modern kitchen has a few problems too. Again, imagine standing at the sink and emptying the dishwasher. The only upper cabinet is a several steps away from the dw which is not very efficient. Personally, I would have done without one of those corner window pairs in order to have more upper cabinets. There is still the remaining window, plus the skylights for natural light. Again, I would have raised the bar in the island to help hide any mess. I really like the quilted stainless steel backsplash and over the stove vent!

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