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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Void Moon by Michael Connelly

Cassie Black was a criminal, a cat burglar in Las Vegas, until one night when she lost her love and was captured. She and Max were co-burglars. Is that a word? But they had fallen in love and were planning a future together. She found out she was pregnant on that last job so Max took her place and he ended up falling from the room in the Cleopatra. Cassie was caught as his accessory and went to jail. She had a daughter and it was put up for adoption. Now, 6 years later, she has been parolled out and is working for a Porsche dealership but she's not getting the excitement that she needs and she keeps dreaming of kidnapping her daughter and riding off into the sunset. So she contacts her old contact, Leo, Max's brother. She tells him that she wants to do one more job to make enough money to kidnap her daughter from her adoptive parents and take off. So he tells her that there is a big job but it's back at the Cleopatra! Despite her fears, she takes the job.

Everything seems to go perfectly through the first half of the book but it all goes horribly wrong. Does Cassie make it? Does she get her big break? Or does she follow Max in a fatal accident? Who hired Leo for this job?

I have to admit that the story was compelling and I read it all the way through. But I didn't like the filthy language and that the heroine was a criminal. The one character with rooting value is a criminal who can't go straight. So I wouldn't recommend reading it.

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