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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sunset Express by Robert Crais

This was a good, easy read. Elvis Cole is a Los Angeles private detective. When a wealthy woman is kidnapped and found murdered, her husband is arrested. He hires a high profile attorney named Jonathan Green to defend him. Greene and his Big Green Defense Machine hire Cole to investigate the lead police detective to make sure she didn't invent the evidence. Elvis Cole investigates Police Detective Angela Rossi, and despite her out of control anger issues (she attacks him), he finds her clean and reports this to Greene and Co. So Jonathan Greene uses Cole to follow some more leads and, before long, Cole is becoming suspicious about what he is finding. The side story is about his long distance girlfriend, Lucy Chenier, and her son coming out to L.A. to visit him.

There were some weak spots in the story but overall, I liked it and would read some more by Crais. I ended up really liking Elvis Cole and Lucy Chenier.

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