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Monday, February 14, 2011

Amanuensis Monday - Julian Rhett Prince and Clara Marie Wilder

An Amanuensis is a person employed to write what another dictates or to copy what has been written by another. Amanuensis Monday, through Geneabloggers.com , is a daily blogging theme which encourages the family historian to transcribe family letters, journals, audiotapes, and other historical artifacts. Not only do the documents contain genealogical information, the words breathe life into kin - some we never met.

Julian Rhett Prince married Clara Marie Wilder and they had a daughter named...
...Peggy Annette Prince who married William "Billy" Clyde Harris and they had a son named...

Julian Rhett Prince was born 10/5/1904 in Enoree, Spartanburg County, SC to Franklin Drayton Prince (DOB: 7/18/1880 in Cross Keys, Union County, SC; DOD: 5/13/1940 in Spartanburg, Spartanburg County, SC) and Mary "Mollie, Molly" Cynthia Bain (DOB: 10/10/1885 in Spartanburg, SC; DOD: 10/31/1974 in Spartanburg, SC).

Julian Prince portrait with his grandson, Stan Harris. Photo taken in the early 1990's.

1910 U.S. Census of Cross Keys,  Union County,  South Carolina; Roll:  T624_1474; Page:  3A; Enumeration District:  0112; Image:  659; FHL Number:  1375487, Lines 14-18, "Clarence R. Prince" and Lines 19-22, "Frank D. Prince" (Father and son living side by side)
Clarence R. Prince, Head, M(ale), W(hite), 52 yrs old (DOB 1858), First marriage, Married 33 yrs (DOM 1877), Born in SC, Both parents born in SC, Miller in grist mill, Can read and write, Rents farm
Alice E. Prince, Wife, F, W, 51 yrs old (DOB 1859), First marriage, Married 33 yrs, 3 children with 3 still living, Born in SC, Both parents born in SC, Can read and write
Victor C. Prince, Son, M, W, 27 yrs old (DOB 1883), Single, Born in SC, Both parents born in SC, Laborer on home farm, Can read and write
Nancy Burnett, Mother, F, W, 74 yrs old (DOB 1836), Widowed, 6 children with 4 still living, Born in SC, Both parents born in SC, Can read and write
Martha Briggs, Sister-in-law, F, W, 57 yrs old (DOB 1853), Single, Born in SC, Both parents born in SC, Can read and write
Frank D. Prince, Head, M(ale), W(hite), 28 yrs old (DOB 1882), First marriage, Married 7 yrs (DOM 1903), Born in SC, Both parents born in SC, Barber for public, Can read and write
Mollie Prince, Wife, F, W, 24 yrs old (DOB 1886), First marriage, Married 7 yrs, 3 children with 3 still living (sic), Born in SC, Both parents born in SC
Julian R. Prince, Son, M, W, 5 yrs old (DOB 1905), Born in SC, Both parents born in SC
Hubert L. Prince, Son, M, W, 3 yrs old (DOB 1907), Born in SC, Both parents born in SC

1920 U.S. Census of Enoree to Woodruff Rd., Cross Anchor, Spartanburg County, South Carolina; Roll: T625_1710; Page: 1B; Enumeration District: 87; Image: 514, Lines 73-82, "Frank Prince"
Frank Prince, Head, Rents home, M(ale), W(hite), 39 yrs old (DOB 1881), Married, Can read and write, Born in SC, Both parents born in SC, Salesman at retail store
Mollie Prince, Wife, F, W, 35 yrs old (DOB 1885), Married, Can read and write, Born in SC, Both parents born in SC
Julian Prince, Son, M, W, 15 yrs old (DOB 1905), Single, Attends school, Can read and write, Born in SC, Both parents born in SC, Farm Laborer
Hubert Prince, Son, M, W, 13 yrs old (DOB 1907), Single, Attends School, Can read and write, Born in SC, Both parents born in SC, Farm Laborer
Ralph Prince, Son, M, W, 11 yrs old (DOB 1909), Attends school, Can read and write, Born in SC, Both parents born in SC
Wilbur Prince, Son, M, W, 9 yrs old (DOB 1911), Attends school, Born in SC, Both parents born in SC
Harold Prince, Son, M, W, 7 yrs old (DOB 1913), Attends school, Born in SC, Both parents born in SC
Mary Prince, Daughter, F, W, 5 yrs old (DOB 1915), Born in SC, Both parents born in SC
Ruth Prince, Daughter, F, W, 3 yrs 4/12 mos old (DOB 1917), Born in SC, Both parents born in SC
Lewis Prince, Son, M, W, 9/12 mos old (DOB 1919), Born in SC, Both parents born in SC

1930 U.S. Census of Reynolds St., Spartanburg, Spartanburg, South Carolina; Roll: 2213; Page: 10B; Enumeration District: 52; Image: 749.0, Lines 68-71, "Julian Prince"
Julian Prince, Head, Rents house at $6/mos, No radio set, M(ale), W(hite), 26 yrs old (DOB 1904), Married at age 19 yrs old (DOM 1923), Can read and write, Born in SC, Both parents born in SC, Slasher at cotton mill
Clara Prince, Wife, F, W, 25 yrs old (DOB 1905), Married at 18 yrs old, Can read and write, Born in SC, Both parents born in SC
Wilma Prince, Daughter, F, W, 3 yrs 9/12 mos old (DOB 1926), Born in SC, Both parents born in SC
Louise Prince, Daughter, F, W, 6/12 mos old (DOB 1929), Born in SC, Both parents born in SC

He married Clara Marie Wilder in 1925 in Spartanburg, SC. They had 3 daughters:

1) *Peggy Annette Prince married William "Billy" Clyde Harris. They have 6 children.

2) Wilma Prince (DOB: 7/31/1926 in Spartanburg, SC; DOD: 2/16/2011 in Spartanburg County, SC) married Johnny Robertson. They have 2 children.

3) Dorothy Louise Prince (DOB: 10/15/1930 in Spartanburg, SC; DOD: 6/10/2001 in Greer, SC) married Buzz Newman. They have 7 children.

Julian Rhett Prince died 9/3/1935 in Spartanburg, SC and is buried at Oak Grove Baptist Church cemetery, Spartanburg, SC. He died in a car wreck. He and some friends were going fishing and he was riding in the rumble seat of the car. The car was hit in the rear and threw him out of the rumble seat.

SC Death Certificate #14164, Registration District #40-A, Registered #417, Julian R. Prince, DOD: 9/5/1935 in Mary Black Hospital, Spartanburg, Spartanburg County, SC
Male, White, DOB: (blank), 31 yrs old (DOB 1904), born in SC, Married
Occupation: Textile, Foreman of slasher room
Father: D.F. Prince, born in SC
Mother: Mollie Bane, born in SC
Informant: M.E. Prince of Beaumont Mill, SC
DOD: 9/5/1935 at (blank) am/pm
Cause of death: "Fracture both legs, fracture of lower jaw, shock automobile accident"
Diagnosed by exam and x-ray, No autopsy
Accident on 9/4/1935 in road near Drayton Mill, public road
Burial: County on 9/7/1935

The Spartanburg Herald Journal article:
"Julian Prince Dies Of Injuries
Succumbs to Hurts, Suffered in Automobile Accident Near Drayton
Julian Prince died early Thursday morning after having been injured at about 3:30 o'clock Wednesday afternoon in an automobile accident near Drayton. A second man suffered a broken leg in the accident and two men were being held in the county jail pending the outcome of Prince's condition.
When taken to a local hospital, Prince was found to be suffering from two broken legs, a fractured jaw and internal injuries about the chest. A blood transfusion was given at 9:30 o'clock but the young man failed to rally from the effects of his injuries.
R.J. Powell, a passenger in the car in which Prince was also riding, was taken to the General Hospital. He had a broken leg. After emergency treatment he was taken to his home at 699 Mayood Street.
Rural Officers J.P. Bolton and S.F. Moore investigated the accident which is said to have occurred about 3:30pm near Thomas store at Drayton, where the road leading to Spartanburg's Main Street and the Cannon's Camp Ground road intersect. Prince and Powell were riding in a light passenger car, and the other vehicle involved was a truck loaded with apples, it was reported.
Officers Bolton and Moore brought two men said to have been driving the automobiles to the county jail for investigation pending developments in Prince's condition. Both men received minor injuries."

The Spartanburg Herald Journal, 9/6/1935, obituary of Julian Rhett Prince
"Rites For Victim Of Crash Are Set
Julian Prince Death Termed Accident By Cornoner's Jury Yesterday
Julian Prince, who died a few hours after being thrown from the rumble seat of a light coupe Wednesday afternoon near Drayton mill, came to his death as the result of an unavoidable collision with a truck driven by Sam McAbee, a coroner's jury sitting in the case yesterday afternoon found. Prince was 36 years old.
Funeral services will be held at the Beaumont Baptist Church tomorrow after-o'clock (sic), with the Rev. Carl O. Page and the Rev. Jesse T. Gregory officiating. Interment will be in Oak Grove Baptist churchyard.
Prince and four others, were going on a fishing trip at the time of the accident, the jury was told. At the intersection of the road leading from Drayton to Hillcrest and the Cannon's Camp Ground Road, the rear end of the coupe in which the fishing party were riding was struck by a truck.
R.J. Powell, also a passenger in the car in which Mr. Prince was riding, suffered a broken leg and most of the others involved were slightly injured. Three men were riding in the truck, but all escaped with only minor hurts although it turned over.
The jury exonerated both McAbee and the driver of the coupe from blame. Jurymen were George W. Wall, J.E. Brown, H.T. Littlejohn, P.W. Devore, H.F. Brockman, and William Bobo.
Pallbearers at the funeral tomoroow will be W.E. Jett, Homer Edgens, D.W. Powell, Carl Edwards, Boyden Foster and Archie West.
Surviving Mr. Prince are his wife, Mrs. Clara Wilder Prince; three daughters, Misses Wilma, Louise and Peggy Prince; his parents, Mr. and Mrs. D.F. Prince; four sisters, Mrs. Louise (sic) Ray of this city, Misses Ruth, Margaret and Mildred Prince of Beaumont; six brothers, L.H., Ralph, W.E., Harold, Marvin and Vernon Prince, all of Beaumont."

Two of Julian's siblings also died in car accidents.
10/13/1943, Mary Prince Ray (widow of Lewis Ray) was killed in a car accident just up from her house in Beaumont. (See article in Spartanburg Herald Journal, 10/15/1943.) She was with a man and he asked her to drive. She didn't know how to drive and she ran into a telephone pole at the top of the street.

8/7/1952, Harold Prince was killed in a car accident on Hwy 9. (See article in Spartanburg Herald Journal, 8/8/1952.) A truck went out of control and spun into Harold's car.

Spartanburg Herald, 10/14/1943, Pg 10 near bottom
"Two Injured In Beaumont Crash"
"A white woman, listed as Mrs. Mary Ray, was admitted to the Mary Black Memorial Hospital early last night and a man identified as Joe R. Clubb was given emergency treatment at the same hospital for injuries suffered in an automobile accident on N. Fairview Avenue in the Beamont Mill section. City police investigated the accident."

Spartanburg Herald, 10/15/1943, Pg 5
"Mrs. Mary Ray Dies of Auto Crash Injuries"
"Funeral Service Planned This Afternoon for Beaumont Victim"
"Mrs. Mary Prince Ray, 29, of 642 North Liberty Street died at 7am yesterday morning at Mary Black Hospital of injuries suffered Wednesday night in an automobile accident in the Beaumont section of the city."
"Her death was the 18th fatality of the year in the county as the result of traffic accidents."
"A report of the accident filed by investigating officers at city police headquarters said it occurred at 8:20pm Wednesday night at the intersection of North Fairview Avenue and Maywood Street. The car in which Mrs. Ray was riding was traveling south on Maywood Street, failed to make a turn at the Fairview Avenue intersection and truck a telephone pole, according to the report. Mrs. Ray was listed as the driver and Joe R. Clubb as the owner of the car in the police report."
"Clubb was given emergency treatment at Mary Black Hospital following the accident."
"Patrolmen Charley Brown and Wofford Blanton (Red Blanton) investigated the accident."
"At the hospital it was reported that Mrs. Ray suffered a fractured skull and internal injuries."
"No plans for an inquest into Mrs. Ray's death had been made yesterday afternoon, Coroner John W. Pearson said."
"Funeral services for Mrs. Ray will be conducted today at 4:30pm at Beaumont Baptist Church by the Rev. E. G. Harrison and the Rev. Carl O. Page. Interment will be in Oak Grove Baptist Church cemetery."
"Active pallbearers will be Archie West, Henry Lewis, Bill Kirby, Dewey Welchel, Bruce Justice and William Richards."
"Mrs. Ray is survived by her mother, Mrs. D. F. Prince of Beaumont; six brothers, Hubert Prince of Spartanburg; Ralph D. Prince of the detective division of the Spartanburg police department; Harold Prince of Spartanburg; Marvin Prince of the U.S. Navy; and Vernon Prince of the U.S. Army, now stationed overseas; and three sisters, Mrs. Ruth Shepherd, Miss Marguerite Prince and Miss Mildred Prince, all of Beaumont."
"The body will be at the home, 642 North Liberty Street, until the hour of the funeral."

Spartanburg Herald, 8/8/1952, Pg 28
"Harold Prince Killed In Wreck On Boiling Springs Highway"
"F. Harold Prince, 39, brother of City Police Chief Ralph D. Prince, was killed in a traffic accident on Boiling Springs Highway seven miles outside the city limits at 10:30am Thursday."
"Mr. Prince, son of Mrs. Molly Bain Prince and the late D. F. Prince of Spartanburg, an employee of the Beaumont Manufacturing Co. was pronounced dead upon arrival at Spartanburg General Hospital a few minutes after the accident occurred state highway patrolmen reported."
"State Highway Patrolman Tom L. Doyle reported that the accident occurred on Highway 9 when a 1950 Chevrolet truck driven by Robert Lee Moore, Mill Springs, NC skidded and turned around in the road and started running backwards."
"Mr. Prince applied brakes to the 1950 Chevrolet which he was driving, the car turned sideways and hit the truck. He was riding alone in the car at time of accident."
"A passenger in the truck with Moore was not hurt."
"District 5 Highway Patrol Lt. G. C. Kinsey and Patrolman Charles Alverson assisted in the investigation."
"Mr. Prince's car was demolished the patrolman reported."
"Mr. Prince was born at Enoree but had been a resident of Spartanburg about 25 years."
"He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Elnora Shirley Prince; two sons, Dennis and Jerry, all of 533 Shirley Street; his mother, Mrs. D.F. Prince; three sisters, Mrs. Mildred Comer of Spartanburg, Mrs. Ruth Shepherd of Spartanburg, and Mrs. Margaret Keys (sic) of Glendale; four brothers, Robert P. of Monroe, GA, Vernon, Wilbur E. and City Police Chief Ralph D. Prince and Marvin Prince all of Spartanburg."
"Funeral services will be conducted Saturday at 4pm at the J. F. Floyd Mortuary by the Rev. Dewey S. Welchel, P. G. Smith and V. R. Richie. Burial will be in Greenlawn Memorial Garden."
"The body will remain at the mortuary until the hour of service."
"Another brother of Chief Prince was killed in an auto accident in 1935 and a sister was killed in a similar manner in 1944."
"The family is at the home of the mother, Mrs. D.F. Prince at 642 N. Liberty Street."


Clara Marie Wilder was born 4/27/1906 in Woodruff, Spartanburg County, SC to John Langdon Wilder (DOB: 1/14/1880 in Woodruff, Spartanburg County, SC; DOD: 12/20/1965 in Spartanburg, SC) and Lora Massengale (DOB: 6/19/1888 in Woodruff, Spartanburg County, SC; DOD: 3/15/1970 in Spartanburg, SC).

Here is Clara with her daughter, Peggy, grandson Ronnie and great granddaughter Jenny. This photo was taken about 1984.

After her husband died in the car accident, Clara had to go to work at Beaumont Mill. She worked there until she retired. She suffered severe depression after the death of her husband which gave her life a bitterness. But she had to keep going because she had 3 little girls. Life wasn't easy for them and her depression made a deep impression on her girls but she made sure they were taken care of. She didn't have time or energy to be much involved in their emotional health but she made sure they were physically taken care of and had what they needed. They lived in a house on Maywood Street and Clara purchased this house when Beaumont sold the mill village houses. It's still held by one of her granddaughters.

Clara was a beautiful, petite woman and she had men interested in her but she never remarried. She was afraid of bringing a stepfather into her girls' life in case it didn't work. She had heard too many stories of bad stepfathers.

Eventually, Clara moved in with her eldest daughter, Wilma and Johnny Robertson. She lived with them until her death. When I knew her (I married her grandson in the late 1970's) she was a Christian woman filled with the Holy Spirit. She didn't seem to have the bitterness and hardness that her girls remembered when they were younger. I guess the Lord had done a work of healing on her heart. She was active, sweet tempered and well liked. She helped her daughter in keeping house, cooking, attended church regularly, kept up with her large family. She had a ready smile and laugh.

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