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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Funeral In Blue by Anne Perry

I finished this book this afternoon. I've read some of this series before. Private Investigator William Monk and his new wife, Hester, are asked by their friend, Lady Callandra Daviot, to investigate the murder of Dr. Kristian Beck's wife and an artist's model. They were found in the artist's apartment, Argo Allardyce. Both with their necks broken. Callandra and Hester work with Dr. Beck at the hospital and they have high respect for him but Callandra is in love with him. Alas, Dr. Beck was married although not happily. In this book, we find out his history and why he and his wife are not happily married. But does her murder stem from this past? Does it have anything to do with their unhappy marriage? Or was the artist's model, Sarah Mackeson, the intended victim? Was it the artist? I wonder what will happen to Dr. Beck and Callandra in future novels.

I enjoyed the story although I found myself skipping a lot to get to the dialogues.

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