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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Brother Odd by Dean Koontz

Brother Odd by Dean Koontz

I love the Odd Thomas novels by Dean Koontz. Odd Thomas is a young man who lives in small Pico Mundo. He grew up there and all of his friends are there. He is "Odd" because he sees ghosts. They can't talk to him but he can see them and he communicates with them without speech. He also has psychic magnetism where he can concentrate on someone and he will eventually be drawn to them. It's a lot like the TV show, "Ghost Whisperer". He solves murders and gets in pretty sticky situations. But he and his friends are wonderful people. In the last Odd Thomas book, his girlfriend, the love of his life, is killed and he almost has a nervous breakdown. So he decides he needs a vacation and the only place he can think of to go where there won't be ghosts calling on him is a monastery. He gets 6 months of good relaxation before he falls into another mystery at the monastery. He begins to see evil spirits around the monastery's school and dorms for handicapped children. He knows this means that something tragic is going to happen and he begins trying to find out what so that he can stop it. Then there is the monk who committed suicide and still haunts the bell tower where he hanged himself. And there is a strange monk who is also a scientist and he does experiments in his own laboratory under the monastery. So, Odd Thomas gets busy!

This series is great and I like most of Koontz's other books too. So I give it an A+!

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