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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Clyde Harris and Mabel Louise Cohen

Edward Boyd Harris who married Ida Mae Shaw and they had
a son, Clyde Harris who married Mabel Louise Cohen and they had
a son, William "Billy" Clyde Harris who married Peggy Annette Prince and they had

Clyde Harris

Clyde Harris (DOB: 5/4/1909 in Union County, SC; DOD: 10/11/1956 in Converse, Spartanburg County, SC) married Mabel Louise Cohen (DOB: 2/12/1912 in Union County, SC; DOD: 6/14/1981 in Spartanburg, SC) on 7/30/1930 in Union County, SC.

Mabel Louise Cohen Harris

Clyde lost his job at Monarch Mill in Union so he got a job at Spartan Mills in Spartanburg and stayed in a boarding house during the week and rode the train home on the weekends. Later, he was able to rent a mill house and moved his family when his son, Billy, was 9 years old. When he died, they had an apartment on St. John St. in Spartanburg. It was a quad apartment house. He and Mabel were working at Converse Mill in Converse on Charlotte Hwy (now known as Hwy 29). Clyde was working the 3rd shift and Mabel was working the 1st shift. When he got off from work, he was riding home with two co-workers. They had just pulled out and were on the long bridge in front of the mill. A car entered the bridge heading towards Charlotte and it pulled into their lane and hit them head on. Being on the bridge, there was no way to get out of the way. He died instantly.

Here is the transcript of his obituary:
"A head on collision of two automobiles Thursday morning at 7:05 on Charlotte Hwy (Hwy 29) resulted in the death of one man and the serious injury of three others.
"Clyde Harris, 44, of 344 St. John Street died instantly in the crash.
"The accident which demolished both cars happened on Cherry Hill bridge. (Back then it was a narrow 2 lane bridge.) The cars collided with such impact that a wrecker was required to separate them, officers said. (They replaced this bridge soon after with the big bridge that is there now, in part, because of this wreck.)
"A 1956 Plymouth, driven by William B. Humphrey, 38, of Bethesda, Md. collided with a 1950 Oldsmobile, driven by Clarence Moore, 38, of Roebuck, Route 1, who was traveling west, County Officers Clarence Painter and Fred Phillips said.
"Humphrey received multiple chest, leg, head and arm injuries. His condition at the Mary Black Hospital was reported Thursday night as serious. (He may have died later.)
"Sam Jones, 58, of 212 Boundary Drive, who was riding in the back seat of the Oldsmobile, received broken ribs, a broken leg, nose and arm, fractured pelvis and severe injuries to the left eye. (He died later.)
"Mr. Moore received a broken arm and multiple cuts and bruises. Mr. Moore and Mr. Jones are at the General Hospital.
"The occupants of the Oldsmobile were returning home from work on the third shift at Converse Mill.
"Coroner George L. Adams, who participated in the investigation, said that he delayed empanelling a viewing and inquest jury because of the condition of Mr. Humphrey.
"The engine of the Plymouth was forced back into the front seal and both cars were jammed together in a tangle of broken and shredded metal, officers said.
"The Oldsmobile scraped the bridge curbing before the collision occurred. (They were trying to get over as far as possible to avoid the crash but the bridge was too narrow and the man from Md hit them headon.) The car had almost cleared the structure, they reported.
"Mr. Humphrey's identification was ascertained from his driver's license.
"A brother, Dr. Humphreys of _____ will arrive today from Florida, officials at Mary Black reported.
"Mr. Harris was an employee of Converse Mills where Mrs. Harris worked on the first shift. She learned of the death of her husband at the hospital where she went after being informed that he had been injured in a wreck. (They had called Billy at work and asked him to go get his mother and take her to the hospital. When they got there the nurse said the Coroner needed to see them and it was then that they realized he was dead.)
"Mr. Harris was 44 years of age, a member of Bethel Methodist Church at Union and had been employed the past four years at Converse Mills...." - Source: Spartanburg Herald Journal

Mabel retired from working in cotton mills as a weaver. She lived with her daughter, Norma Dean and her family until her death. She died of lung cancer. They are both buried at Wesley Chapel United Methodist Church.

Clyde and Mabel had 4 children:

1) Norma Dean Harris (DOB: 8/8/1931 in Union County, SC; DOD: 7/20/2005 in Tamp, FL) married Carroll Dean Hyatt (DOB: ? ; DOD: ) in 1955 in Spartanburg, SC.

2) William Clyde Harris (DOB: 5/21/1933 in Union County, SC; DOD: 6/15/1989 in Spartanburg, SC) married Peggy Annette Harris (still living).

Billy Harris

3) Margaret Lemond Harris (DOB: abt 1935 in Union County, SC; DOD: 10/7/2000 in Spartanburg, SC) married Herman Rowe (DOB 5/22/1933 in Cherokee County, SC; DOD 8/4/2010 in Chesnee, Spartanburg County, SC) and divorced. Married Eugene William "Bill" Cantrell.

4) Carl Edward Harris (DOB: 10/3/1933 in Union County, SC; DOD: 11/20/2012 in Spartanburg, Spartanburg Conty, SC) married Barbara Hayes and divorced. Married Elsie Juanita Worthy (DOB 4/16/1937 in ?; DOD: still living).

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