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Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I found these photos that show the popular wall of windows for modern houses. People want soaring ceilings with walls of windows. And, I have to admit they are beautiful! I love being able to see the outside and beautiful views.

But let's think a minute about these tall ceilings and walls of windows.

1) Heat rises so it's going to be expensive to heat a room with soaring ceilings.

2) Things get dirty and dusty. Ceiling fans, light fixtures, windows, walls, window ledges, window treatments...how do you clean something that is so high? How do you reach a cobweb? How do you take down and clean window treatments?

You have to think practical. You can get away with almost any style of decorating as long as it's clean. But any designer/decorator masterpiece is ruined when it gets dirty.

Dusty windows, cobwebs, coatings of dust on fan blades, grime will ruin any look. Many of these homes that have "views" are sitting in a position where you can't even get a ladder to those high windows on the outside. You might get a ladder tall enough to wash the inside but what about the inside? This means you will need professional window cleaners on a regular basis. An additional expense.

If you live near the ocean, your windows will need to be cleaned all the time because of the sea spray that dries on the windows. Eventually the wind driven sand will scour the glass etching it. These are expenses to keep in mind.

It's difficult to decorate these soaring spaces. Everything seems to shrink and look too small. So it might mean a professional to help you decorate it. Another expense.

All those windows usually need some type of treatment or covering for privacy. When there are a lot of them, it gets expensive.

Keeping all those window treatments clean or replaced is expensive.

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