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Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Christians are people and even though we are eternally saved and are being saved daily (from ourselves, from our sin, from our circumstances, and from satan), we are still human. We still make mistakes and poor judgment calls. That doesn't make us hypocrites, that makes us human.

The only perfect human was Jesus. Even when we walk an aisle to an altar and profess faith in Him, we don't immediately become perfect. We are washed clean of our sins and we are given His Spirit to dwell in our hearts. The rest of our lives, though, we are to spend growing and becoming more like Him.

The Holy Spirit is our "Helper" to help us on this journey, our compass to keep us moving in the right direction. The Bible is our map showing us the path and serves as a guidebook to warn us of rough terrain or hostile natives. It instructs us as to how to handle treacherous and dangerous challenges we will encounter along our journey.

Plus, we must continue to keep ourselves clean along this journey. You know how when you walk through red mud it just keeps accumulating on the bottoms of your boots until they get heavier and heavier until it's hard to walk? Occasionally, you have to stop and clean your boots off so you can keep on going. That's the way it is with sin. Even though we were forgiven when we were first saved, we are still humans who will continue to fall into sin from time to time. Therefore, we must continue to ask for forgiveness as we sin (clean the mud off so we don't get bogged down with that sin). This forgiveness flows freely from God to his children, like a pure clean shower. Then we can continue our life walk refreshed and renewed without the weight of sin bogging us down.

And as we walk, we must continue to submit ourselves, our decisions, and our direction to God so that we can walk closely and in tune with him. Not all of us do that. There are those who may accept Jesus as Savoir but not as Lord. This means they accept His free gift of salvation but then don't give him their life in return. (This is a hypocrite). They wear the name "Christian" but then don't allow Him to be Lord over anything; so they continue to drink or smoke or gamble or womanize or curse or whatever. They won't give Him their marriage or their job or their tongue or their TV. They don't want Him telling them how to run the show. But then they wonder why their life is a failure, why they can't overcome certain temptations or why they stay sick or depressed or hurt all the time.

But when you allow Jesus to be LORD over your life, you give Him the right to run every part of it. Some people have no problem giving Jesus everything when they are saved. Their lives were so terrible and so messed up, that they give it all to him freely and unreservedly. But others have to learn to give him their lives, piece by piece. He has to teach us and show us how He can make that part better than we can. It's like prying a nasty, sticky lollipop out of a child's hand. We are afraid we're going to lose our sweet thing, all we see is that He's trying to take away our lollipop. But what He really wants to do is take away that nasty thing and replace it with something far better and safer for us.

-by my sister, Melinda

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