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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Decorating a 1950's Modern

1950's Modern
I've always enjoyed different periods of American homes and interior decorating. I would love to have the money to have a house in all the different styles I'm fascinated with and decorate them to that period of style. One is the mid century modern. This design is from the 1950's called Mid Century Modern. I looked and found a lot of photos of the type I'm talking about.

This house is stunning. I love the deep eaves and the walls of glass.

Notice the wall of tiny tile in gray, white and black. And the vinyl floor squares in that classic white, black and turquoise.

It seems like the wraparound couch suites were popular some with the couches and corner tables and others, just the wraparound couch.

I love the barrel lampshades on the lamps.

Notice the bark cloth curtains. Perfect for this living room. This is actually a 2007 living room but decorated with the early 1950's modern. They did a wonderful job keeping everything authentic.

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