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Friday, April 27, 2007

My dogs

Yes, I'm foolish over my dogs. I'm one of those middle aged ladies that loves to have her babies with her wherever she goes. Now, I know my dogs are dogs and are not human beings. I realize that if I had to choose between saving a human being and one of my dogs from going over a cliff, I would choose the human being. (Hard choice for some humans!) As a Christian, I know that Jesus Christ died to save human beings because they are made in the image of God and God created them. Humans are special. God created all of creation by spoken words but, when it came to man kind, He got His Hands dirty. God formed Adam from the dust and actually breathed life into him. Then God created Eve from Adam's rib. When we are saved, we have the very nature of God inside of us in the form of the Holy Spirit.

That said, please realize that everyone has passions and mine is...my DOGS! I absolutely adore my dogs! They are my babies. My dogs will never grow up; never go through the terrible twos or the tyrranical teens; they will never be embarrassed of me; they will never hurt my feelings; they will never talk back, call me names, tell me I'm stupid, say they hate me; they will never leave me. So I can give all my love to these dogs and they will give me all their love and devotion back. No matter what I look like, how old I get their love remains the same.

My dogs have taught me so much about God. I have finally learned that God loves me and I'm special to him no matter what I look like or how I feel or what I do. If my dogs can love me that way, then my Creator and the One who died for me, feels that way. This is unconditional love. I don't know if human beings are as capable of having this kind of agape love. God has it and dogs have it, but do we? Can we love someone even though they have grown old and are far behind the times? Can we love someone who has lost their leg, breast or half their face? Can we love someone who smells bad, has overgrown toenails, hairy legs (or backs) and gas? Can we love someone who is fat, out of shape? Can we love someone who is continually negative and depressed and bitter? Can we love someone who is so hypercritical and perfectionistic and demanding? Can we love someone who is mean, malicious, rebellious? Can we love a murderer, rapist, thief, con man? Can we love someone who makes fun of others, sneers, mocks and looks down on everyone? Can we love someone who is so perfect that they are ashamed to be seen in public with the likes of the little people, so egotistical and self absorbed and shallow? Can we love the poor, the homeless, the downtrodden, the helpless? Can we love the rich, the egotistical, the "Clueless", the power mongers?

I know that I can love some of these people, some of the time but I can't love all these people, all of the time with God's agape love. I should, I'm commanded to by my Father God, but, the reality is, I can't. I'm human and there are limitations to my abilities. God does and God gave us dogs to show us how it's done. And, thank You God!, He forgives me when I can't and helps me to do better.

My dogs also have shown me what true communion is all about. I spend time with my dogs as a group and as individuals nearly every day. They sit in my lap and listen to me talk to them. They lean against me or lick me and I can feel their love. In exchange, they can feel my love as I kiss them, rub their bellies, tickle their ears and talk nonsense to them. When I look them in the eyes I can feel the love flow between the two of us even without words. They don't care what I say as long as it's in their love language. They hear my tone of voice and they recognize their names and they know they are loved. This is how I've learned to commune with God. I should spend time with Him every day and just talk. It doesn't have to be heavy prayers, or correct formulas. It's the heart that counts. What comes out should be from a heart of love no matter what I actually say. The love flows from me to Him and Him to me, even if no words are spoken. My heart is one of love and gratitude and praise and worship and that is all He cares about. I don't have to say things just right or have a certain posture or be in church, etc. It's just the love flowing between us. It's invisible but it's there. He knows it and I know it.

My dogs have also taught me how to depend on God. They never worry about whether or not I'm going to feed and water them or change their diapers (yes, I have 2 boys that aren't potty trained and they have to wear belly bands with Serenity pads in them). They know it will be done. They recognize the simple words of "Let's go outside", "Let's change our diapers", "Let's go to the bedroom" and "Are you ready to eat?" And they obediently respond and they know that dinner will be served, it will be nutritious to their needs, it will be cleaned up. Or they know their water dish outside is filled, their beds placed, the umbrellas up (for shade) and the gates closed so they are able to enjoy the outside and be safe. My God communicates with me through the Bible and prayer and He will only give me what I can recognize and do. Simple commands, and the Holy Spirit within me, enable me to obey. He won't give me anything I cannot handle just like I don't leave my dogs outside in a blizzard and don't leave them for days without food. He provides all I need for what He calls me to do. I can depend on it and I can depend that He will meet my needs. If it's His Will we lose all our money that we've saved for retirement...guess what? It means that He will return it back to us a hundredfold or it means He knows we won't be around to need it. If it's His Will that we have a bigger home...guess what? He will supply it and give us the ability to pay for it and maintain it. Or, maybe it's His Will we downsize and He will take care of that too. Maybe He knows something I don't, like how would I take care of a large home if something happened to Stan. So, through my dogs, I've learned that I can depend on God. I am His child, He is my Father, my Creator, my Sustainer. He is Jehovah Jireh, my Provider. If I can learn how to relax and expect like my dogs do, I will suffer a whole lot less worry and fear.

I have 2 Miniature Pinschers. The black and tan female is 7 years old. The little red Min Pin is Spunky Monkey and he is 3 yrs old. He was hurt by a car as a puppy and his owner didn't take him to the Vet until it was too late. She said to just put him to sleep but the Vet was able to save him and turned him over MinPinRescue.com. I adopted him from them. His brain swelled and it caused him to go blind, partially deaf, can't taste or smell normally and has a balance issue. Otherwise he is a beautiful Min Pin and gets along really well. This has also taught me I can adapt to adverse circumstances just like he has. I used to see my Fibromyalgia as a handicap that had ruined my life. Now I realize God allowed this in my life to change my life. It's not a bad change, just a change. I've simplified my life greatly and I like it that way. I've accomodated my limitations and it's made life easier. God knew what He was doing and I get along fine.

I also have 3 Italian Greyhounds (the miniature greyhounds). All 3 are rescues. The larger, fawn colored male is 3 yrs old and is named Dresden. The smaller, gray and white boy is also 3 yrs old and is named Capodimonte. Dresden is very shy and he totally relaxes in my arms, clings to me and allows me to do everything. Capo is my little clown who loves men. He's more outgoing and gregarious. Then there is my tiny little fawn and white female named Perephone. She's half normal size. She's very prissy and is calm enough to take anywhere!

Each dog has become an extension of different parts of my personality. MoneyPenny is the mothering, nurturing, protective, nervous worrier that is part of me. Spunky Monkey is the independent, quiet, go-off-by-himself part of me. Dresden is the shy and clinging part of me. Capo has my sense of humor. And Persephone is the ultra feminine part of me.

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