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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

We Shall Not Sleep by Anne Perry

We Shall Not Sleep by Anne Perry
In the fifth and final entry in Perry's World War I series, the war is drawing to a close. The Reavely siblings are active in the last days. Matthew Reavley, British intelligence officer, has received word that a high-ranking German officer is willing to defect to identify The Peacemaker, the man who has been undermining Britain's war effort and is responsible for the death of Reavley's parents on the day that the War started. Matthew travels to Ypres and his brother, Joseph, a chaplain, and his sister, Judith, an ambulance driver, meet him to help bring a swift resolution to the family tragedy that has haunted them. But when a young nurse is viciously murdered and Matthew is charged with the crime, Joseph and Judith find the real killer so that Matthew can complete his mission.
In contrast to the previous entries in the series, there is little action here and much talk. We had heard all about the horror, changes, how the men were affected, how it would change the social landscape of England forever in the previous books. It was too long in this one.
You will want to read this to complete the series and yet, the War ends on the last page, literally. Ever since the first book of this series I have looked forward to this book about the end of the War and I was very disappointed. In fact, I skipped much of the book. So you don't know what is going to happen to the brave siblings, except for Judith. Judith decides to marry and go to America after the War. That was a disappointment in itself. I had two prospective husbands in mind for her: Wil Sloan (American Ambulance Driver who worked with her closely all through the War) and Dr. Cavan (British surgeon who worked at the Front all during the War and who showed exceptionally high character like her brothers). It was not like a Reavely for Judith to marry who she married. We don't know what happens to Joseph, Matthew, Hannah and Archie. I wanted everything wrapped up.
So read it to finish the series but it wasn't that great.

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