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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Vintage Travel Trailers

Vintage Travel Trailers

I got online tonight and found these beautiful gems. They are so cute, so miniature. I even found some sites of women who travel in caravans in restored campers like these. Of course, I'm not the size lady who could do anything other than step inside (being careful not to bump my head) and look around. Now my friend, Joy, could go in, sit, stand, lay down, turn around...and she's petite! Wow, how did anyone stand it. But, anyway, that is probably why these fascinated me. Sort of like doll houses. And the people who restore these! Wow, what a good job! I love the retro, jet set, Jetson's look of some of these.

The teardrop seems to be fashionable to restore, as are Airstreams.

This is so Jules Verne "Twenty Thousands of Leagues Under The Sea".

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