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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Fun Homemade Christmas Ornaments

This star ornament is made of the shiny sides of potato chip bags!

This cute little guy is made from the vintage type of clothespins.

These ornaments are made from used CD's!

Ribbon and pearl wrapped silk ball.

A bead necklace for a pretty Christmas ball!

This beautiful Heather Bailey ornament was made from candy wrappers!

Poinsetta made from pipecleaners.

This funny reindeer is made from a painted lightbulb!

This beautifully painted ball is lovely! I have some Christmas balls that were painted by our Aunt Ruth.

These balls are painted styrofoam and then colored headed pins hold down the beads.

A ribbon ornament made to look like ribbon candy.

These elegant balls are made from styrofoam balls and ribbons.

I found these wonderful pipecleaner deers on Martha Stewart's site.

This kicky ornament is made up of wires and beads!

A crocheted bag cinched over this white white satin ball.
Cute crocheted ice skates using paperclips.

These starched crocheted angels are lovely. A friend of mine made some for me one year.

This is easy enough! Just pop some popcorn, remove the metal cap off clear glass balls and pop them down the chute!

These gorgeous knitted ornaments are so cute! The wool felted cherry on top is a really nice finishing detail.

Print a picture on a transparency, cut it down to the right size, roll it up and stick it down into the clear glass ball. Add some fake snow. Such a simple idea and yet so creative!

Find a paper pattern and make these ornaments using old Christmas cards.

These felt ornaments look really nice with the blanket stitch on the edges.

This simple angel is made from a styrofoam egg crate, pipecleaners, wooden bead and some glitter.

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Anonymous said...

I was excited to see so many ideas that I just HAVE to make.....probably all of these except the crocheted ones(I don't knit or crochet). Thanks for posting. MaryAnne

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