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Friday, December 14, 2007

Elaine and Ronnie's House Decorated For Christmas

I went to Elaine and Ronnie's to take photos of her Christmas decorations. She does a great job decorating, especially on a budget. Her den is decorated in a lodge look so she keeps to that in her den Christmas decorations.

Here she made her own garland using boughs from an evergreen and red wooden bead garlands. It looks great!
She has wreaths at both the stairs to their back deck. Ronnie had borrowed our outdoor fireplace in order to have a fire for Luke's "Going Away" party (he's leaving Monday for base camp in the Air Force).
The den entrance from the deck.
On to of their entertainment center in the den. Remember, she decorates her den in a lodge look.

Her Fontini nativity. It think it's lovely!

Here is their Christmas tree in the den. Luke and Hannah got it, put it up and decorated it for her!
Her walls have her lodge look decorations like fish, fishing gear, creels, canoes, etc.
Their den fireplace.

One of her Santa's that Aunt Ruth made.

This is their living room. This faux fireplace used to be Aunt Ruth's. It's lovely! The old clock used to be our Grandmother's.

This little fiberoptic tree is in their living room.

Vintage Christmas balls.

Their dining room.

Vintage Christmas balls.

Another faux fireplace that she picked up at a thrift store and painted. It just fits into their dining room.

Their breakfast room windows.

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