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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Different Christmas Wreaths

I got on the Internet and found some great ideas for wreaths! I was looking for wreaths that weren't just red and green. If you don't feel confident in making your own, you can buy wreaths. I feel intimidated by the thought of making fresh wreaths but I enjoy putting artificial wreaths together.

I liked this odd shape and the different colors...not just the normal read and green.

This wreath is different. They used scraps of wool, felt and little knitted squares. Notice the red buttons for holly berries?

Do you have some Christmas ornaments that are no longer needed on the tree? Before throwing them away, make up a Christmas wreath and use it for a few seasons. I thought this one was really pretty being gold, pink and white. Can you find the tiny creche?

This wreath is made from plastic shopping bags. That's an interesting recycling idea! Again, the colors aren't the normal reds and greens.

Another beautiful wreath made of Christmas ornaments and bead garland. I love the fresh, modern colors on this one!

This one has natural aspects to it (although it may be artificial). Peacock feathers, nuts, pomegranate and the white poinsetta.

This one is not for me. I can't imagine putting garbage on my front door! But you have to admit it's unusual! Talk about recycling and "going green" !

This is a beautiful wreath. I like the lighter green and fuzzy ivy mixed with the evergreen. The tiny crabapples give a nice red and the red and gold berries fill it out nicely. I also liked how they wove the ribbon throughout the wreath.

Another recycling idea. This little wreath is made up of used CD's. The shiny CD surface is so reflective.

I loved the lavendar color on this one. I think it upgrades it and makes it more formal although it's a very simple wreath.

This wreath is another nice change of color. The burgundy, fuschia and pink roses mixed with the deep purple berries is very attractive.

This wreath has a frosty look with the white ribbons and the frosted pincones and pink balls. A lovely wreath!

This one is not for me but being made of feathers makes a different wreath. Brand new it's very nice looking but the dyed feathers can get dusty and faded. I know I may be silly but how do they get those feathers? Are there naked birds freezing to death somewhere?

This fresh wreath is sophisticated. With a base of magnolia leaves and eucalyptus and cedar to fringe it. Then there are crabapples, pinecones and berries.This wreath is a recycled wreath. You cover wrapping paper cardboard tubes (or paper towel or toilet paper cardboard tubes) with green felt, then cut in 2" circles. Add a fringe of green felt and red pom poms.

I don't have children but I've been to a lot of yard sales and I've seen the multitude of tiny toys that kids seem to accumulate. Here is one way to re-use some of the tiny toys that you were thinking about tossing. I thought this was imaginative and one that kids would love to make and have. I would assume that these toys are hot glued or wired on with floral wire.

I bet children would love this candy wreath too! I guess they are hot glued on? Or maybe have a pin stuck through the wrapper into the styrofoam? Someone did a lot of work.

I found this one on "Pete's Taxidermy" site. I was almost afraid to look in case there was some poor stuffed animal on the wreath somewhere. But there isn't. Someone had a clever idea of using feathers and pinecones. This might appeal to the hunters in the family.

I prefer my wreaths completely filled out with greenery but this might appeal to you. The greenery is attractively arranged.

I like this fresh wreath. They used boxwood instead of the usually evergreen. It looks like they used baby's breath and red sedum.

Here's an idea! After you've made fresh orange juice, use the rinds to make a wreath! Actually this is very attractive. I like the orange, camellia leaves and evergreen. It's a blujeans and mink look!

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