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Thursday, December 13, 2007

At Some Disputed Barricade by Anne Perry

I just finished this book in Anne Perry's WWI series. Another good one. See my comments on her previous books in the series in earlier blog entries.

The Reavely siblings save the day again. Hannah Reavely MacAllister is only seen once (she was a main character in the last one) still taking care of her children and living in the village of St. Giles. Matthew Reavely is in London still trying to put a name to The Peacemaker. The Peacemaker seems to be losing his sanity in his quest for peace with Germany at any cost. In London there have been 4 men knocked out of office who could have been counted on to stand strong when it came to peace negotiations after the War. The Peacemaker is trying to set up his chessboard with men who believe in an Anglo-German world empire of peace and prosperity. At least that is what he believes in. He will help Germany in any way to bring about an end to the War. Surely by now, he realizes that if Germany won, there would be no Anglo-German world empire, only a German world empire? But that may be the crux of his insanity. Anyway, Matthew is trying to stop this latest attempt to skew the group of negotiators that will be needed when war ends. He is able to save the last of the 4 men but the other 3 are lost and, even though he has brought the devious plan to light, he still has no idea who The Peacemaker is.

Meanwile, on the Front, in the trenches, Judith Reavely is still driving ambulances and Joseph Reavely is back as the Chaplain of his men. They have a new leader named Major Howard Northrup who is arrogant and thinks, as a commander, he has to be in control. He refuses any advice from his men who have been there a lot longer than he has and knows the ropes. It ends up with some of them being killed and injured unnecessarily. Then one day he is shot in the forehead and killed. Was he killed in the battle by Germans? Was he killed by friendly fire? Was he killed by one of his own men? Captain Josephy Reavely has to find out! And, at one point, is in an air fight with the Red Baron himself and gets off a shot that hits the red bi-plane!

Anothe good read!

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