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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Angels In The Gloom by Anne Perry

I finished this book today. And I've started on the next in the series. I really enjoy these books. This is Anne Perry's WWI series with the Reavley family. There are 2 sisters and 2 brothers who are struggling to do their duty during one of England's most terrible times, WWI. In the first book of the series, their parent's are killed in an automobile accident on the same day Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife are assassinated which started WWI in 1914. His father had found a document betraying English allies by making a treaty with Germany. In order to avoid a world war, it was suggested that England and Germany shake hands. Germany would take over the nations around them and England would stay out of it in order to keep their territories. "An Anglo-German empire of peace, prosperity, and domination, the cost of which was the betrayal of France and Belgium, and ultimately most of the world." John and Alys Reavley had rushed to try and stop this document from being signed but had been killed. The author and negotiator of this treaty was not known, so the Reavley siblings had begun to call him The Peacemaker. A pacifist who would make peace at any cost, even dishonor. The Reavley siblings have been trying to discover who The Peacemaker is and how to stop him. They have solved murders that are caused by The Peacemaker without finding out his identity.
In this novel, it is 2 years into the War. Judith is single and driving ambulances along the front in France. Joseph is a chaplain working in the regiment that holds men from his small village of St. Giles. Living in the trenches with them. Matthew is working in London doing intelligence work. Hannah is married to a naval officer and they have 2 children. She is keeping the home fires burning in the home, as well as, their village. Her husband, Commander Archie MacAllister, has command of a warship named the HMS Cormorant.
At the beginning of this book, Joseph is injured and sent home to St. Giles to recuperate. While there he meets his father's closest friend, almost a second father to the siblings, Shanley Corcoran, who is managing a scientific organization that is about to come out with a guidance system for weapons. If it is completed and works, then it may turn the tide of the War and England could begin winning in the seas. But the young scientist who is the genius behind this invention is murdered. Who did it? Joseph and Hannah try to find out.
Meanwhile, Matthew is still trying to find The Peacemaker and how he may be involved in this murder and how to thwart The Peacemaker's machinations to bring "peace" by giving Germany the victory. We find out that The Peacemaker is trying to use the Irish who are pro-German because they think Germany will destroy England and Ireland can finally have their country.
We go from the Front in the trenches to the English countryside village of St. Giles to London. Everyone is consumed with the War. Every thought and action is about the War.
I would recommend this book to anyone.

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