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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

What's Wrong With People?

What's wrong with people? What's happening to this world? What's with all the evil that is out there? What is this world coming to?

When we hear of evil and catastrophes we ask ourselves questions like this. Sometimes it seems as though the world is falling apart.

As a Christian, I am horrified by it, shocked by it, but not surprised by it. God tells us all about it in the Bible and I've read it cover to cover. I've sat in church and Bible study for years so it would be singular if I didn't know it was all coming to this.

I. Sin

God made sure we had His Word on how sin came into this world. It was NOT God's desire that we live and die with sin. Adam and Eve were made to live sinless, in God's abundance, forever. It was their choice to disobey God and try to be like God by eating the forbidden fruit. As it is, God still did everything to help us out of our sinful condition and back to His original design! First he exited Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eve in order to protect them from eating of the Tree of Life so that they would not live eternally in sin. Then He prepared them and their offspring for the coming of His Son who willingly became a sacrifice for their (our) sins. Jesus came to bring the good news, the gospel, that He would pay for our sins and He would lead us in the way of righteousness and He would bring us safely to eternal life with God in Heaven!

But, many people refuse to believe in Jesus. They refuse to take His free gift of salvation. They refuse to allow Him to stand in their place and recieve the punishment for their sins. They refuse to believe that He took it all so that they wouldn't have to. In fact, they refuse to believe that there was a need for Christ's sacrifice. They think there is no such thing as God, sin, Heaven or Hell. They don't believe they need a Savior. For some it is because of ignorance. They've never been taught the Bible, the gospel, the fact of original sin. Their parents didn't take them to church or teach them. They refused to go to church as adults. They refuse to read the Bible. They laugh, scoff, make fun of and ridicule Christianity and, yet, they don't know a single thing about it because they refuse to go to church or read God's Word. Out of ignorance they have pushed God away and laughed Him off as a fairytale. With churches on every corner; Bibles in every large store at reasonable prices; Bible studies every day of the week somewhere near you; with Christian radio and TV; with Christian books, magazines and apologetics; with easy to read Bible translations...here, in America, WE HAVE NO EXCUSE! It's lazy ignorance! We have everything we need within easy reach to learn and then make an informed decision as to whether or not we believe in God, Jesus Christ, the Bible, the gospel of salvation. And yet, we would rather live in our sins and ridicule God and Christianity. I can't stand to hear someone bring up the same old tired "If there was a real God, why doesn't He stop pain? Why doesn't He save everyone? Why do good people die?" As if those were new thoughts! As if we all haven't asked these questions! As if they are somehow more enlightened and think deeper than mindless, stupid Christians! I can speak for myself...I actually pulled that big, thick book called the Bible, off the shelf and read it to get my answers. Then I followed up with going to church and Bible studies to learn how to study the Bible. I actually "wasted" my time listening to Biblical teaching so that I could understand all that I was reading in the Bible. I learned the background, the history, the themes, the languages and phraseology so that I could better understand. I studied the Bible and God and salvation with an open mind and I found it was true. I found answers. I found out that I wasn't alone in questions and, yet, God gave us some answers for these questions. I asked those same questions just like every ignorant person does but I didn't stop there. I'm deeper than that. I made it a project to find out and learn. If I found out it was all bunk, then at least I had tried. It certainly couldn't hurt me. As it turned out, I found my salvation through Jesus Christ.

Everyone, since Adam and Eve, was born with a sinful nature. We are sinners. As soon as we are born, we are destined to die because the wages of sin is death. We all will die because of sin and our sinful nature. If we don't accept Jesus Christ as our Savior then our sin nature rules us. We are apt to follow all kinds of sin. And we have seen how very deeply evil a human being can fall. Adolf Hitler, Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, Charles Manson...are examples of how very evil a human being can become when they follow their sinful natures. We all have the capability of becoming that evil. Even Christian, who believe in Jesus Christ, still have their evil natures to contend with and can do evil things. Truly saved people will not become as obsessed and possessed with evil. But we can still do wrong things and hurt people and have our hidden sins. The difference is that we have the Holy Spirit within us to point out that we are sinning and to direct us in repentance. We feel bad about sinning. We are always feeling the tug of the Holy Spirit that this is wrong. If we keep a tender heart then we will repent and try to do better. God forgives and forgets. If we harden our heart we can become insensible to that sin and have to look God in the eye about it when we see Him face to face. It may affect our rewards, but we are saved.

So, it doesn't surprise Christians that there are sinners in this world and how depraved they can be. And the fact that satan has decieved humanity into believing there is no God and no Heaven or hell means more are ignorant or deliberately obtuse concerning salvation.

II. Increased Humanity

The population is probably the highest it's ever been in the history of the world. That means more people still living in their sinful natures. If 10% of 100 people are Christians that means 90% are not Christians. Ninety percent of 100 means 90 people are not saved and are living in their sinful natures. Now increase that population to 100,000 people. Ninety percent of 100,000 is 90,000 people who are not saved and are living in their sinful natures. As you can see, that is a lot more people ready and willing to do evil. Just the sheer numbers of population will see an increase of wanton evil.

III. Modern Times

Unbelievers have made a very big mistake thinking they are very right. They think they should wipe out all mention of God in the public place because it makes them feel uncomfortable. They are succeeding in America. But this has backfired! Instead of happy atheists, we see more and more people who are ignorant of even basic values such as "Thou shalt not steal" and "Thou shalt not kill". Whole generations growing up in ignorance of values, no idea of right and wrong, no concept of unselfish sacrifice, no common work ethic, etc. Our nation is so void of values and social mores that we cannot even function without being in a police state. Theft, domestic violence, killings, torturing, rape, child molestation, epidemic divorce, abandonment of the children, elderly and handicapped, etc. is rampant. Our TVs are filled with smut, our young people are unable to communicate without the filthiest language. People are addicted to drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling and pornography. It's because there is nothing in them that says, "Whoa, Nellie! That's wrong! Slow down! Danger ahead!"

The atheists aren't happy! They have to live in the world they have created! They have to lock their doors at night and turn on the alarms; put tracers on their children's cars; pay for insurance and lawyers because everyone sues everyone else for the least thing. They can't sit on their porches visiting with neighbors but have to lock their steel doors with several dead bolts and turn on their burglar alarms. They can't take a walk in the park for fear of being mugged, raped, assaulted. They can't take their family on vacation because they have to pay exorbitant taxes and insurance to pay for all the protections of the government, as well as, all the corruption of the government. I know that pride would keep many atheists from realizing the mess they've created but surely some would say that they should have left well enough alone.

IV. The End Days

God told us in His Word that this world would wind down and become more and more evil until finally there is destruction. Sin will increase. God wouldn't be a just and righteous God and fair Judge without intervening. And He promises us in the prophecies that He will judge the people and He will replace this Earth with a new Heaven and a new Earth. Read Revelation.

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