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Monday, November 26, 2007

Christmas Decorating

Christmas Decorating

I told you I would get my Christmas decorating done this weekend. And I did! I got all the Fall decorations washed and packed up for next year. Then I got the Christmas decorations out and started putting them together. It took me 2 days with Stan's help because I get tired so quickly. But I did it!

I told you that I downsized my Christmas tree about 2 years ago. I had gone to artificial 7 years ago but putting up the big artificial tree was too much so I downsized to this little one. I put lights and garlands up and that's all. I don't put ornaments up any more because it's too much trouble.

I put some beaded fruit in a pedestal bowl in the dining room.

I put this arrangement together in my foyer. I used all silver, white, gray, pearl...it's suppose to be an icy look.

I put this together in our foyer. My Aunt Ruth painted this mailbox for a Christmas present to my Dad. I use it and fill it with different flowers for each season. This one is red, gold and green.

I love this little glass basket and I fill it with flowers for each season. I put this together with red and silver.

This is a photograph for the 3 of us when we were kids and we were waiting for Santa Clause. I had it framed with red suede matte and silver frame.

The small framed painting was done by my Aunt Ruth of her house in the snow. The other are Christmas photos. Aunt Ruth made all my ceramic Santas too.

I bought this angel who is reading a book because I read a lot.

I put the beaded fruit picks in the ribbon around the birdhouse that my Dad made me.

I put these whimsical figures on one end of our fireplace mantle. You can also see the red/white/blue poinsetta floral arrangement I made.

This is my old, vintage picnic basket with a vintage Christmas tablecloth and a vintage thermos. Here are 3 more of the ceramic Santas that my Aunt Ruth made me.

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