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Friday, October 12, 2007


Here is Persephone in one of her new coats that my sister made her. She made her 4 different ones. She makes all my dogs fleece coats. Melinda custom makes them to their specific measurements. These coats are wonderful! They are warm (quilted inside), easy on and off, easy to wash, comfortable for the dog and she can add little things to dress them up. I'm very proud of her work! She can't mass market them. But if you are interested in getting a coat from her then check out her dog rescue website and email her. See her Out Of Harm's Way Small Dog Rescue link on my links at the left.

Sephy is eating from her new crystal dish. All my dogs eat from crystal dishes. I don't water them from these dishes because they are 24% lead crystal and lead is dangerous. So I'm afraid it might leach into their water. But their kibble is only in the crystal dishes for a few minutes. I know it might seem silly but I bought these dishes for a great price at Ross'. I think, if you can find it at Ross, it's as cheap as you can find it anywhere unless it's at a yard sale or thrift store. So I actually paid less for their cyrstal dishes than most people pay for dog bowls at the local Walmart.

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