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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Home Decorating - Fall

Decorating for the Fall
Today is September 1 and it's Labor Day weekend so I put away my summer decorations and took out my Fall decorations. These are the splashiest Fall decorations but not my only Fall decorations.

According to my first and most important tip on decorating (see blog entry in entries below), I believe that keeping your house clean and dusted, with your knick knacks sparkling allows you to get away with almost any decor. So, I took this time to wash all my knick knacks so they would sparkle for the Fall. I also washed any summer decorations. I stuck all summer flower picks under the water to wash off dust and put them upside down in the guest bathroom shower, separated by color (in case the dyes run). I will let them dry for a few days before packing in their plastic lidded bins (to prevent mildew). I have one closet that holds all my seasonal decorations including Christmas. It has deep shelves from top to bottom and I label my plastic bins by season. While I was doing the washing up, my housecleaner and friend, Diane, was doing her normal routine. It makes the dusting go faster to leave everything drying in the kitchen until she is through dusting. Then I put it all back out. And I began to arrange my Fall decorations.

The first photo is the Lane cherry/cedar chest on legs that works as a small buffet or a sofa table. I wanted to make a vignette that reminds of tail gating, picnics, apple cider....so I used my old, primitive, oak picnic basket and some vintage thermoses. I'm going to look for a tartan throw to drip out of the picnic basket.

I bought this cornucopia at Hobby Lobby one time when they had 40% off Fall decorations. I filled with 3 Fall flower and leaf sprays. I also bought the Fall candles at Hobby Lobby. I do love good smelling candles. I prefer floral scents. This is our coffee table. The other side of it has 4 drawers.

On my mantle I placed these small tall hurricane lamps filled with the beaded beaded gourds and pumpkins, nuts and leaves. I also placed the orange glass pumpkin.

As I was going through the flowers bits and pieces came off. So I filled this cranberry colored basket with the beaded fruits, nuts, gourds, pumpkins and tucked the leftover flowers and leaves among them. I also pulled out my little "Bambi" fawn. I got it for $1 at Garden Ridge.

I have several wooden trunks throughout the house. This one is my first one. Stan bought it for me for a Christmas gift and had it refinished. I have them all filled with family quilts, quilt tops, quilt squares, doilies. I carefully washed them, drip dried them thoroughly and whipped stitched acid free paper labels on them to describe who made them, how I got them, etc. Then I folded them and stored them in my trunks with sachets. The little cedar doll trunk was a bargain buy and has the quilt tops in it.
My Dad's sister, my Aunt, handpainted this mailbox for him one Christmas before she died. It means a lot to us. I keep it on an old flour chest that I bought for $35 at an old junk barn. I refinished the chest by taking off the old paint and flour inside and out. It's been professionally refinished 7 years ago for the 2nd time. Anyway, for each season I fill up the mailbox with seasonal flowers.

I hope this gets you in the mood to decorate for Fall. If you do it now, you can enjoy the decorations for 3 months until it's time to decorate for Christmas. With all the hot, humid, triple digit weather we've been having, I'm realling looking forward to the cool weather of Fall this year.

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