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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Summer Cool Dinner

Tuna Fish Sandwiches

1 Large can of Star Kist tuna packed in spring water
Minced onions
Minced celery (or celery seed)
Sweet relish

Drain the tuna and put in a bowl. Add the next 3 ingredients to taste, stir in enough mayonnaise to make it moist and spread. Serve on bread, toast, hot dog buns, crackers or just on lettuce.

Sliced Tomatoes

Just slice some tomatoes and sprinkle salt and pepper on them.

Quick Pickled Cucumbers

2 Good sized cucumbers, washed, peeled, sliced
1 Onion peeled and sliced
Salt & Pepper

Place cucumbers and onions in a bowl. Pour half cold water and half white vinegar. Sprinkle with salt & pepper and serve.

Cold Dessert

1 (16 oz.) Pkg. cottage cheese
1 Pkg. Jello (4 servings) (any flavor)
1 Pkg. Cool Whip (at least 9 oz., preferably more)

Mix Jello according to package instructions, add cottage cheese and Cool Whip and stir together. Refrigerate.

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