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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Household Tips

Have you ever wondered why, in the old days, people would bring a fish home in a newspaper? Maybe it's because newspaper can help absorb odors. Newspaper works best at snaring those invisible stinky molecules that float around your refrigerator. Just take a section of newspaper and put in your freezer section. Change it once a week and your refrigerator will be fresh as new. If you need to store something especially smelly like fish just put some newspaper on top of that container for extra odor absorption. How to get rid of odors in plastic food containers? By stuffing them with crunched up old newspaper pages ... this works to get the smell of burned popcorn out of a microwave oven too. Kristi F. Columbus, OH USA

Use legs/feet of old pantyhose/nylons to put small pieces of bar soap into-keep outdoors near faucet to wash hands, etc. after being outdoors before coming indoors. Louise S, Elizabeth City NC USA

If your dishwasher has stains just put some Tang where your detergent usually goes and run it through a cycle. This makes most dishwashers as clean as they were when they were brand new. Try it, you will be very pleased. David K. Hilliard, OH USA

Source: Householdtipsonline.com

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