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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Home Decorating

Home Decorating
I like making vignettes. This is in my kitchen. We have 9' ceilings throughout the house. Another reason why I love our house. It's not so high that it affects our heating the house. But it makes it airier and gives more display space. This is the amount of room I have above my kitchen cabinets.

I have a large bay window in our kitchen and I wanted to keep the room bright, airy, fun to be in. So I went with a bold color choice. We have tons of wood cabinets and a charcoal gray granite countertop and I didn't want to paint the cabinets. But to lighten up the kitchen, I chose this blue with bright white trim. It balances the cabinets and countertops. I think it's a perfect balance. The wooden cabinets and dark granite countertops make the kitchen more formal and yet the bright blue and white make it more fun. For us, it's the perfect combination. I used bright yellow accessories too. Every item is a bargain find in this vignette. Bought at yard sales, thrift stores or antique malls. The yellow pitcher is a broken piece that I glued back together but it can't be used and wouldn't withstand a lot of handling so I used it in this vignette by hanging with with string from the towel rack.

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