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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Decorating Tips

Decorating Tips

My first tips are...keep it clean, dusted and keep it picked up. Learn to put things back where they belong. Teach your family this simple rule...Put things away where they belong.

  • You can get away with almost any decor as long as it's clean! Dust ruins any room even if it's been decorated by a professional. You must keep your things clean. Dusty light fixtures, dusty curtains, dusty accessories, dusty flower arrangements...all of these ruin a look.
  • And you must keep the room picked up. It's wonderful to see the end result of a slick, professional looking decorated room. But if you can't keep it picked up and clean, it was a waste of time and money. Having baskets for the kids toys look fantastic but you and I both know that real life means those toys will be out of those baskets before you say BOO! You and your family have to put things away, put up those toys. If you don't learn this then your room will be trashed again before you know it.
  • Make sure the decor works for you. If you don't have time for cleaning then a minimalist look might be best for you at this time. Think of contemporary looks. If you are a stay-at-home "professional" homemaker and your children are grown, then you might can go with a fussy, Victorian look with all the tussie-mussies, flowers, etc. A beautiful look if you can keep it clean. Or maybe your decorator wants to do a Tuscany look and yet it means an ornate wrought iron chandelier 20 feet in the air. How will you ever get up there to clean it or even change the light bulbs? Does someone want to cover your walls with a collection of vintage mirrors? Great, if you like cleaning mirrors every week, otherwise they will get dusty and ruin the look. Are those professional windows treatments able to be easily cleaned? If not, you will be replacing them in a little over a year because you can't stand their dusty look or you have to pay to have them professionally drycleaned and what a pain to get them down, to cleaners, back from cleaners and back up. And dirty drapes will affect allergies. Think of semi-gloss or gloss paint for keeping walls clean. Dust motes, cobwebs and grime ruin a flat wall and there is little you can do to keep it fresh looking. You can vacuum your walls but that doesn't get the grime and is a hard job. Do you like to change your vacuum cleaning tools a couple of times in each room? No? Then don't put area rugs on top of hard floors. It's aggravating to vacuum the hard floors with the brush and then have to change to a carpet cleaner to do the area rugs. I have dogs. Rugs become big pee pads or chew toys. Easy solution, we don't get rid of the dogs but we get rid of the rugs. So make sure that your decor works in your life. Is it efficient for you? Is your family able to work with it? Does it relax you or are you constantly on the run just trying to keep it up? It is your goal to have a home that is welcoming, clean, workable, and relaxing to you, your family and visitors.
  • Remember that bedrooms, bathrooms and laundry rooms are the dustiest areas of our house. I'm sure it has something to do with all the fabrics that are flipped around in these areas. Folding clothes, changing sheets, bath towels, getting in and out of bed...all these put lint and dust in the air and it settles. So does powder, makeup, powdered laundry soap, etc. It is so nice to have pretty little things to decorate your bathroom but they look like so much trash if they are allowed to get dirty and grungy. Nice to have baskets with towels set decoratively on a shelf but it looks terrible when that basket is grungy with dust and has hair hanging on it. Put extra effort in your bedroom/bathroom/laundry rooms to keep them clean and dust free. Wash your accessories, vacuum the lamp shades, regularly clean your light fixtures, shine the chrome or brass, rinse the baskets, wash your linens, etc.

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