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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sports Center Saturday - Baseball and Softball in the Family

Baseball and Softball has played a big part in Stan's family. This photo is a photo made in 1905 of a textile mill league softball team. Stan's Mother's Grandfather, Franklin Drayton Prince, was a young man on this team. He played Centerfield.

This is Stan's Mother when she was young and she played on the textile mill's fast pitch softball team.

All 6 of her children played baseball and softball.

Stan is the little boy in the center of the front row. Remember you can click on the photographs to enlarge them and read the names of each boy. And, yes that is the Paul Riddle who was a member of the Marshall Tucker Band.

Stan was the coach one year for the church softball team and they won their championship. Stan is in the center of the front row next to the trophy in the shorts with the mustache.

This is one of our nephews, Evans, who was so good at baseball that he won a baseball scholarship to Presbyterian College. Unfortunately during his first season with them he injured his shoulder and had to have surgery on it. It ended his baseball career. Fortunately he is good at any sport and can still be active in other things.

This is Evans brother, Aaron. He also is great at every sport he has ever picked up. He loves baseball and football.

All the grandchildren are very athletic and have played sports.

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