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Monday, June 11, 2007

Jenny and Kyle's Wedding Shower

Yesterday several of the women of the family got together and made up these wedding shower invitations for Jenny and Kyle's wedding shower. We had a good time putting them together. There were a lot of steps but it worked out with an assembly line. And we used every last bit of scrap paper so that we ended up with about 75 cards. Now it's on to filling out the insides and addressing envelopes. I wish I had remembered to take a picture of us all around the table working on these. We laughed and teased, drank coffee, talked, shared, prayed. It was like having a pre-party which was what I wanted. Whenever you get together like that it becomes a part of the memories of the main event.

We decided to make the shower a July 4th-red-white-blue theme because Kyle is in the Air Force and it's going to be just after the 4th! We are going to use the church and will decorate with red-white-blue and picnic stuff. I will have a galvanized tin tub with bottled Cokes. We will have iced strawberry tea and lemonade in punch bowls. We will have sandwiches, cupcakes or cake squares, watermelon fruit basket, fresh veggie trays, pickles and relish...all stuff you would have at a picnic! I saw a great idea in Country Living this month about sewing together bandanas to make table runners. So I've already bought red and blue bandanas to make table runners on white tableclothes. Add some balloons, pinwheels, gingham and you've set the stage for a fun party. Anyway, we are really looking forward to a big shebang!

Congratulations Jenny and Kyle!

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