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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Spunky Monkey

Little Spunky Monkey is my smallest dog. He was hit by a car as a puppy and his owner at the time didn't rush him to the Vet. His brain began swelling and she took him to be put to sleep. The Vet was able to save him and gave him to IMPS (Internet Miniature Pinscher Services at MinPinRescue.com). His foster mother lives in lower Georgia. I saw his picture on the IMPS site as a dog available for adoption and I fell in love with that little booger!

Melinda and I took MoneyPenny with us on a 5 hour drive in a cold November rain to check him out. It didn't take 15 minutes for me to decide I wanted him. MoneyPenny did just fine with him so I paid the adoption fee and brought him home.

He is handicapped although he doesn't look like it. There are no exterior injuries but he had brain injuries. He is blind although his eyes are healthy. He is 95% deaf although there are no mangled ears. He can't taste or smell normally and he has a balance problem so that he whirls a lot. In our house, with us, he can run through the house like a normal dog. He still whirls but not as much. If strangers are in the house or he is away from home (outside or inside another place), he whirls constantly. It seems to be his way of mapping out his area so that he won't bump into anything or fall. It's his way when he isn't secure and confident. And he busily goes about whirling around and exploring the area. For him, it's important to place Mommy. He will circle around and around with me in the center so that I can't leave without him. He can follow us by the vibrations on the floor.

He is best when he's in his normal routine. Anything outside of his routine requires extra concentration and wears him out quickly.

I feed him in his crate every day and he's used to this. The water bowl is always in the same place so he can find it. If I try to give him something to eat when it's not the right time and not in his crate, it takes him forever to figure out that it is something edible. It helps if I hold it for him but it still takes a lot of playing with it before he decides he can eat it. That is why I don't think he can smell and taste like a normal dog. I've given him a drumette and the other dogs can eat it within a few minutes and it took him over an hour to finish it. He gums it, licks it, tests it, drops it, finds it again, gums it, etc.

The other dogs know how to take care of him. MoneyPenny will mother him a little, and all 3 of them play with him. Usually a dog will come up and nudge another dog and then jump back and do their play bow. This is where they lower their front half and stick their wiggly butts in the air and wag their tail and look goofy. Then they race off and chase each other. But Spunky can't follow them and chase them so they stay right around him and keep nudging him and barking at him. They circle him and he plays back by barking at them and following them around. It's so funny to see.

He really doesn't know he is handicapped and gets along so well. He is really the easiest to take out because he won't run away from me and he totally trusts me.

He is so brave and spunky...so I call him Spunky Monkey!

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