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Thursday, May 31, 2007

More of Alice Williamson's Diary

See an earlier entry in my blog to find my explanation of Alice Williamson.

May 1st This is the dullest May-day Gallatin ever seen; no picnics or anything else.

May 2nd A reg. of East Tenneseans have come to hold this Post. They are the meanest men I ever saw; but they have one good trait they make the negroes 'walk a chalk'

May 3rd The East Tenneseans burnt a school hous last night it was a contraband school. They say they will have none of that while they stay here.

May 4th The soldiers are behaving very well I do not suppose the negroes think so though they threatened to burn the old tavern last night (that like every thing else is filled with contrabands.) but the citizens told them if they did Gallatin would burn; they let it alone but say if they get up a school in it they will burn it and G. may go to H___

May 5th A contraband was killed today; he insulted one of Miss B's scholars & a soldier being near killed him. Go it my East Tenn

May 6th Col. Miller of East Tenn takes command to-day. The soldiers say if Capt Nicklen leave they will kill every negro in G in less than a week

May 7th Capt N. is gone now is your time East Tenn

May 8th It is Sunday and very lonely. Nothing is to be seen but yankees who generally spend the day riding

May 9th Capt Nicklen come back today and the "Freed pussons of cullers " commensed their school today. They were dressed in style with their white swiss and hats. The citizens look for the tavern to be burnt every night

May 10th It has been raining all day I did not go to school.

May 11 It is raining again today and cold enough for fires.

May 12th Weather pleasant, yankees behaving very well.

May 13th The Gen came up yesterday I suppose he came to see how we were behaving and if his 'pets' got their rights.

May 15th Gen. P. left-today no negroes killed; indeed the East Tenneseans are exceedingly quiet. -Capt K thinks he has nearly cured them of "Negro on the brain".

May 16th Mrs. Cage has gone to Nashville. The scholars went to school this morning expecting her up on the train Before the train come the President of the contraband school came over with twenty negro men and took every bench in the school house except one that was greasy; the girls told him to take that, it was good enough for negroes: but no, he said it would "soil the ladies dresses." The girls took that and threw it into the street. Mag King took the broom and threatened to break his head if he came up the step again: he seen she was determined and left.

May 19th We received a letter from brother Rush this morning by Flag of Truce the first for months. None from Brohter J. yet.

May 20th Citizens are afraid to speak to each other when they meet. The yankees have said they should not talk together since the late fight in Ten. May

21st The yankees say they won a glorious victory in Ten but we know who won the victory for them being so crabbed. The citizens dare not smile for fear of being thrust into jail 'for rejoicing' as many are.

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