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Thursday, May 31, 2007

The last of Alice Williamson's diary

Alice Williamson Diary - 1864
An On-line Archival CollectionSpecial Collections Library, Duke University
See my explanation of Alice Williamson earlier in my blog.

Aug 14 I have been 'running around' all vacation. Nothing has taken place except a fight at Atalanta. Yanks say they whipped; Rebs say they whipped and East Tennesse says both are telling d__n lies about. Brother Joe was taken prisoner at Lexington in Morgans last raid: he is now at Camp Morton Ind. We had a letter from Rush last week: he is well but low spirited because he cannot hear from home

Aug 15. "All's quiet in G. today." This mornings paper brings a long list of names of persons ordered from Paducah to Conrad by Gen Payne: he has only been there a few days. Sambo in his political sermon says he has conquered "the great city of Gallatin which was so 'ceeding by 'bellions" and gone to conquer Paducah. I pity that place.

Aug 16. Our teacher Mrs. Cage has gone to Dixon Springs to teach. I suppose we will have to go to the 'Contraband Academy.' Sis is in debt to me. I must put it down or she will never pay it. She ows me a brass button for a remark made on the camp flies.

Aug 17 It is raining and very gloomy. We spent the day at Mrs. T's.

Aug 18th Sis owes me another button for my remark on her soda and exercise.

Aug 19 No news. Jimmie H. was brought down on the cars yesterday to be buried at the old homestead. Two sisters are all that remain of that once large family: they were driven South and know nothing of his early death. He died at Camp Douglass.

Aug 20th I have been visiting all day but did not hear any news.

Aug 21. Raing again. Sallie L. spent the night with sis. Jenny G. has just come to spend a week

Aug 22 Sallie M. and I have been enjoying ourselves finely today. Jennie Griffith has lost none of her wild way.

Aug 25 I went home with Sallie, Monday and just got back. No news. Gallatin is commanded by Col. Patten. The yanks have just left with one of Pa's horses they swore it was a government horse and took him off.

Aug 29 There has been great excitement for several days The yanks are looking for Wheeler. Pa is in Louisville

Aug 30 Yankees all ran in the fortifications today and carried with them all the citizens they could find. They are going to shell the town if Wheeler comes Aug 30st Wheeler has not come yet. Yanks still frightened.

Sept 1st The yankees turned the citizens out today. Wheelers men have never been this side of Lebanon.

Sept 5th A few days ago 40 yankees crossed the river scouting; they came back yesterday in everey direction scared to death. They say Wheeler took their arms others say they never seen Wheeler, but got frightened and threw them away. We have not had a letter from brother Joe for a month

Sept 10 The widows and widowers who married last winter are seperating. Mrs. Trimble an Mrs. Joiner left their husbands last week. There was a man shot last week and anoth today; both citizens. Mr. Patterson (the one who was shot yesterday by Col. Trimble) is not dead yet.

Sept 11 No news; we went over to Mrs. Lanes this evening I met my friend Miss Boude there.

Sept 12 Morgans death is confirmed. The yankees are in a great glee. Never mind; his band are still living; you had better stop rejoicing. I suppose Nicklen feels at rest he knows Morgan was the only one that cared for us. I think the citizens should put on mourning for him. No letter from Jo or Rush yet.

Sept 16 Todays paper brings sad news "Atlanta has certainly been taken: Sherman has ordered every man, woman and child from that place Payne has been ordered from Paduca because he treated the citizens so bad. Why couldn't he have been ordered from here, he did a thousnd times worse here than there I suppose there a few union men at Paduca.

Sep 17 Gallatin is guarded by one regt. of white yankees and part of a regt. of black

Sept 18 No news; yankees behaving very well.

Sept 19 Cold and windy: every one has fires

Sept 20th The citizens are running in very direction trying to get to the Southern army The yankees are drafting everyone between the age of seventeen and fifty I wonder what the deserters will do now

Sept 21st No letters from Rush or Jo yet: we are very uneasy

Sept 22 Gen. Payne stayed at Paduca 56 days and shot 67 men: he is under arrest Paduca is a union place. The noblehearted patriots who suffered here will never be cared for save by those at home whom their wrongs have made desolate. A company of negroes have just passed well armed they are going out to forage & steal I suppose.

Sept. 24 Spent the evening at Mrs. Lucas with N.T. No news

Sept. 26th Very cold for this month: Frost two nights The eigth Tenn. regt. left Saturday

Sept 27th Tom Miller is to be hung Friday week for resenting and insult offered his mother by a yankee. He has been in the penitentiary a long time. His mother has gone to Washington to petition for a pardon.

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