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Saturday, May 19, 2007


Elaine and Melinda were horse riders from an early age! They started in English riding as kids. They continued with that until they got out of high school. They were in shows and everything.

When we got the farm in 1981, they bought walking horses. The smooth gaits were much easier on the body. But they trained their horses and rode them in horse shows in our area. Melinda even showed in gaited horse shows. A Gaited Horse lifts his legs higher than the non-gaited horse. They arch their necks and are more energetic than other horses. A gaited horse's ride is very smooth. There are special bits and saddles, even a special horseshoe or weights for this unique type of horse riding. I wish I had a photo of her riding that way but I don't. I know she has them and if she sends me a photo I will post it.

I went to many a horse show to see them ride and cheer them on. So did their husbands and parents. Lee, Luke and Jenny saw their share of horse shows too. Lee rode in some shows as a junior rider. He was good at it!

They have some good stories about horseriding. I hope they will email me with some and I will post them.

I was always terrified of riding horses but I secretly wanted to learn and be able to ride horse trails with them. So, in my 30's, Melinda said she had just the right horse for me and she would teach me. And I did! I was able to ride for about 3 years before my Fibromyalgia made it too hard for me to ride. Elaine and Melinda also have FMS and have had to quit riding.

But I did get to go do some mountain trails with them and take some picnics. One time a group of us went on a day long trail ride in the mountains. On the way back down, a terrific thunderstorm came up on us. With lightening, drenching rain, etc! The horses did just fine and we made it back but it was a trip to remember! We were so drenched that we were slushing in the saddle. And we had to ride home like that (3 hour drive) because we hadn't thought to bring dry clothes. We also got to go on a horse riding mini-vacation up at Blowing Rock, NC where we rode some of the trails at Cone Manor. That was a dream come true. We used to ride at the farm all the time. I remember summer twilight rides with so many lightening bugs that it looked like a fairy land. I got to ride in the snow one day (it doesn't snow much in SC) and froze my fanny off! Melinda has gone on beach horse riding trips and got to ride on the beach. That was another dream of mine but I didn't get to do that one.

The three of us riding on the farm in 1993.

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