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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Baby MoneyPenny

Little baby MoneyPenny was always very aware of herself. Miniature Pinschers are called the King or Queen of the Toys because of their regal bearing and their bossiness. They trot like little tiny horses with a hackney gait, picking up those front paws. Of course, little Miss MoneyPenny is usually racing around or jumping up and down. She's very curious, intelligent, quick, bright, and she really thinks that she is my Mommy. When we are at home she thinks she is in charge. And, to her, I'm a really dumb puppy. I haven't learned how to lick or eat from a bowl or chew on a bone or any of the dog skills she thinks I need. So she has made me her life's project!
She has to check me over whenever I come in. She has to lick away every tear. She has to check out the house when she comes in to make sure no intruders are there. She can't sleep if I'm in sight, unless I'm sleeping too. And then she has to be right on me so that if I get up she will wake up and be ready.
She also mothers our little blind/deaf Min Pin, Spunky Monkey.

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